Does your router let you down?

The right router for your need!

Does your router let you down?

The right router for your need!

Nowadays, internet connections are practically wireless and this is thanks to the good router. That is, when you have one that meets your needs and works well throughout the home.

I already had a router that only worked in one room in my house. and that was not practical! I needed to install an internet signal repeater, but even so, it was not 100%. However, we can only know if a router is good for us if we understand what our real needs are.

For example, do I need a router that supports multiple connections at the same time? Or one that has a great signal that meets all rooms in the home or office and even outside?

By identifying what you need, it is easier to find your router. Come on?

First, what is a wireless router?

Wireless router is a network device that creates Internet access without the need for cables and wires. It is that incredible device that keeps our network running, with the possibility of several devices connected to it, such as smartphones, notebooks, tablets, smart TVs or PCs.

If you need a super fast router, Dlink Dir 882 is the best option!

To start, let's talk about the 4 antennas that this Dlink Dir 882 router has, which greatly influences the large signal range.

This is a very useful tip: the more antennas, the better the signal range both inside and outside a house, for example.

It also enhances your internet, with a lot of speed in connection, downloading files, besides optimizing the experience of those who love playing online games.

If you want a router that won't give you problems with connecting to other rooms, TP-Link WR941 HP deserves your attention!

TP-Link WR941 HP is a router that works well, even with multiple walls along the way.

Its stability and speed are registered trademarks, in addition to a great connection range because of the 3 antennas, which enhances up to 5x when compared to other router models.

And no signal repeaters, see? This router does the job very well.

Stability and speed with TP-Link Archer C60

TP-Link Archer C60 has the first positive point of prioritizing certain types of connections, such as when you want to play games online.

You can also block or release access to websites that are inappropriate for your children or even keywords that they may type into the website address.

You can also give your guests access to the internet, without having to say your password. With 5 antennas, this device can reduce instability, even with many users using it at the same time, in addition to increasing the range of connections.

Asus Rtac59u Ac1500 Dband Router

With long range coverage and great performance with its 4 antennas, this Asus Rtac59u Ac1500 Dband router surprises.

It also has 4 Lan Gigabit ports, 1 USB port and fast performance, especially for games and videos and various connectivity options, such as Smart TVs, consoles, and more.

You can also control what can be accessed by your children, very securely.

Now just choose and enjoy the best connectivity experience with your router!

You can find these and other router models on !

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