Bamboo toothbrush

Good for your teeth and the planet

Bamboo toothbrush

Good for your teeth and the planet

Despite appearing to be a super modern and current invention, the Bamboo brush was already designed in the 7th century, along with bones and animal hair.

And this invention came from the need for something more practical than using rough rags, chalk, sticks or salt to clean and remove tooth plaque, which was already a big problem, even back then.

And it was only in 1938 that plastic brushes appeared, gaining enormous popularity.

And today, people's concern about the type of environmental impact that the disposal of these plastic brushes has had on the planet and its ecosystem, has motivated and has motivated the search for healthier solutions for our planet and those who inhabit it.

For that reason, the bamboo brush has been a great alternative!

The question that everybody wants to hear...

Can a simple toothbrush pollute that much?

The answer is yes!

For example, the United States has a record of more than 1 billion plastic brushes being discarded every year.

This is a devastating number for nature and its entire ecosystem, and one that contributes to an ever-increasing and rampant growth in pollution.

And this number is high simply because if we decide to follow the recommendations of dentists and other professionals in the field, the exchange of toothbrushes should be done every 3 months, taking around 4 brushes to the trash per year.

If we reach the life expectancy, which is around 75 years, about 300 toothbrushes will be discarded, per person.

Spanning that number for the number of people on Earth, an average of 36 billion pounds of plastic toothbrushes are discarded each year.

A frightening number of discarded plastic that will take a long time to decompose.

Hence the glaring need to develop sustainable and biodegradable products.

And speaking of biodegradability...

The bamboo brush is arguably an excellent alternative because, compared to the plastic brush (which can take up to a thousand years to decompose), it has its rapid decomposition like that of a tree branch.

Its structure is made with a biodegradable bamboo handle and nylon bristles, but there are also those with natural material bristles, as efficient as a plastic brush.

Bamboo is famous for having antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, making it a perfect raw material for making toothbrushes.

It is possible to do your part, by adopting small changes like this, by choosing this product that is made from a renewable natural resource, which exists in abundance on the planet, is sustainable and safe to be discarded.

How long is a bamboo brush?

First, it is important to store it in a dry place and sanitize it carefully, always after using it.

With these simple cares, you can follow the recommendation to change your toothbrush every three months, without any problem.

How can I dispose of the bamboo brush?

A simple logic to follow is: if you dispose of it in a garbage bag, it won't make as much difference as if you dispose of it in organic matter waste, such as fertile soil or compost, and even being buried.

If the bristles are nylon, you can remove them with the help of pliers and dispose of them in a recyclable trash.

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