Crochet bikini is a trend!

How to wear crochet bikini


Crochet bikini is a trend!

How to wear crochet bikini

For some seasons now that "handmade" has gained another connotation, no longer being simplistic to being luxurious and with a "Q" for exclusivity, as the pieces made with the various handmade techniques are exclusive: one is never the same the other.


The curtain bikini is a classic in the women's wardrobe, right? Therefore, the model is very common in crochet pieces. If you want to diversify, prefer items with a mix of colors or with stylish details, such as ruffles and fringe.


The crochet top style bikini became an absolute craze in the middle of the last decade and continues to rock the street style today! The piece has a model very similar to the curtain, but with a special detail: the finish is longer. Instead of the garment finishing just below the bust, the fabric continues up to the rib level, creating a top or cropped style effect.


Still talking about the bikini top, invest in a strapless model. Although not so popular when it comes to crochet, this model helps to differentiate and give a sexy look to swimwear.


If you have a crochet bikini model that went viral in street style, it was the colorful one. In this trend, the sky is the limit, so don't be afraid to invest in both monochromatic models and pieces that mix vibrant tones.

Now tell me, do you already have a crochet bikini to call your own?

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