Looking for good and cheap moisturizing masks?

Find out how to choose the best one for your hair type and need

Looking for good and cheap moisturizing masks?

Find out how to choose the best one for your hair type and need

Silky, healthy hair is the result of at least a little dedication to it.

And that happens when we use the right hydration mask.

By investing in a good moisturizing mask, you get a surprising result, which can make all the difference to having beautiful and healthy hair.

However, when looking for a hydration mask, you will find other options like rebuilding and nourishing mask.

It is true that each one has its role to directly address the needs of your hair.

For example, the nourishing mask (rich in vegetable oils) is ideal for dry, dull and frizzy hair.

The reconstruction mask replenishes proteins, lipids and water, rebuilding the damaged hair.

And finally, we have the hydration mask, which leaves hair soft, shiny and moisturizes, mainly, hair that is naturally dry or that is dry, due to some chemical process or continuous use of dryers or flat irons.

And speaking of it, with so many options, volume and active ingredients, it's interesting to know what to buy and what to avoid in a hydration mask. Check out:

Your hair can be dried naturally (the oils from the scalp cannot be distributed along the hairs) or by external actions such as pool chlorine, excessive use of a hair dryer or flat iron, or chemical processes.

Anyway, the hydration mask can be an ally to return this much-needed hydration for healthier hair.

If the mask has Panthenol in its composition, it can be an advantage, especially for very dry hair.

Panthenol, also known as Pro vitamin B5, promotes deep hydration and helps the hair retain water, regenerating the strands.

Vegetable ingredients such as coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil and aloe vera are even better in partnership with Panthenol, in addition to vitamin E, keratin and hyaluronic acid.

Know your hair type

Straight hair is naturally more oily and heavier, and for this reason, moisturizing masks for this type of hair need to combat this oil in the right measure.

On the other hand, frizzy or curly hair needs extra hydration that helps to define the curls, without that greasy or heavy look.

Avoid moisturizing masks with parabens and petrolatum in their composition

These ingredients tend to cause scalp allergies, as well as not being environmentally friendly.

Lola Sudden Death Super Moisturizing Mask

Lola Sudden Death Super Moisturizing Mask rebuilds damaged hair, strengthening the hair fiber with the result of soft and shiny strands.

It has good consistency and a pleasant smell, in addition to actives such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera extract, proteins and amino acids.

A wonderful product that manages to surprise.

TRESemmé Deep Moisturizing Mask

The TRESemmé deep hydration mask is suitable for all hair types and with its versatility comes important components such as aloe vera and panthenol.

Control the frizz and disentangle the hair, with a lot of softness.

Hydration Mask Inoar Scars

Have a deep and efficient renewal in the strands of your hair with the Cicatrifios Inoar Hydration Mask.

With Panthenol and Argan Oil as the main stars, have hydrated hair and control hair volume and smell very good.

Cauter Restore Forever Liss Moisturizing Mask

The Cauter Restore Forever Liss Moisturizing Mask promotes deep hydration, repairing and rebuilding damaged hair and returning its amino acids and proteins, with an extra that is the possibility of being heat activated, with the use of a flat iron or dryer.

Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm Joico Mask

The Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm Joico Mask nourishes unruly and dry hair, and for being very powerful, it is not suitable for thin hair.

With the combination of various oils and amino acids, it recovers hair and is the right choice for extremely rough and dry hair.

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