Spider-Man's 5 Coolest Toys

Lots of fun with this beloved character from Marvel!

Spider-Man's 5 Coolest Toys

Lots of fun with this beloved character from Marvel!

This is a very popular topic!

The long-awaited new Spider-Man movie "no way home" had its official trailer as one of the most watched videos in a short time. Check out the trailer:

The movie will be released in theaters on December 17th and expectations have been high, especially for all the super exciting plot that was developed.

Released in 1962 in Amazing Fantasy magazine #15, and the following year, “The Amazing Spider Man”, by Stan Lee with character development and stories and Steve Ditko with art (drawing), Peter Parker (Spider-Man), never stopped winning a crowd of fans, with comics, movies, cartoons, series and of course… with toys!

Just search a little on the internet to find countless types of toys for this beloved character.

With that in mind, I made a list of 5 really cool Spider-Man toys that can become decor items, to collect or the obvious: have a lot of fun!

web launching glove

This toy is guaranteed fun!

Simply put on the web caster glove and fix the web fluid.

With light pressure, the web is ejected, smoothly, giving the feeling of actually having this Spider-Man skill and being your favorite hero.

Nerf Avengers Spider-Man Launcher

With a design inspired by Iron Spider, the Avengers Assembler Gear with Nerf technology is a hit when playing.

Just aim and let the powerful Nerf launchers hit the target.

Spider Man Spider FLIP Candide Remote Control Car

The Spider FLIP Candide Man Remote Control Car is one of the kids' favorite toys.

Control the car's movements with 3 different functions and the somersault effect, to make the fun even more interesting and with up to 10 km/h.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man 152 pieces

Of course LEGO couldn't be left out of that list. This amazing robot-spider is already a fun challenge to assemble.

With the Spider-Man minifigure that can be fixed inside the robot, all you have to do is give free rein to your imagination and create the best battles.

Spider-Man Doll No Return Home - Hasbro

Hasbro's Titan Hero Series line brings these three versions of Spider-Man, all articulated to scale buildings and walls and engage in sensational fights with your iconic enemies.

That gift that can't go wrong when giving a real Spider-Man fan.

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