The most fun toys to draw

Stimulate children's creativity, concentration and expressiveness

The most fun toys to draw

Stimulate children's creativity, concentration and expressiveness

Drawing, especially in childhood, is something super natural for kids.

A habit that can be very beneficial for the development of children, in the short and long term.

Starting with concentration, which is something that lasts a short time, especially in children up to 2 years old.

When drawing, children are able to improve their concentration, in addition to having more focus.

In addition, children associate their feelings with the drawings, becoming more expressive in relation to their emotions.

Another benefit that comes with drawing is the fact that they feel they can produce important things, with their talent and skills.

An example of this is when a child makes a drawing and makes a point of giving someone a gift or showing his "work of art", which usually comes with a beautiful smile and that anxiety to hear his opinion.

So, if you liked everything that the act of drawing can provide to your children, I selected some super fun toys to encourage your little ones.

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Children's Projector to Draw

This Children's Projector to Draw is guaranteed success!

With a mini projector attached, it projects images on paper so that the child can reproduce them.

With more targeted activities, this toy is recommended for children who want or need to improve their designs and learn new ones.

To change the designs, just move the discs to the desired image.

Led Magic Whiteboard

A great option to develop motor coordination and creativity, this Led Magic Whiteboard has the power to enchant children with its vibrant Neon colors.

With two-color pens, children have the freedom to draw and paint whatever they want.

This slate comes with template cards to give you the option of targeted or free designs.

Magic Mat to Draw

Just fill the pen with water and start drawing!

The drawings disappear minutes later, leaving the carpet blank again for use.

Imagination, creativity and fun for children with the Magic Drawing Mat.

Because it does not use ink, but only water, it is very safe for babies as well.

Magic Mirror to Draw

Children will be surprised at how easy it is to draw with the Magic Drawing Mirror.

On one side of the mirror, you position your chosen design and with the image reflected on the blank paper, you can see the lines and draw them without difficulty.

You can find this toy with themed images like princesses, dinosaurs, and more.

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