5 ideas for playing with kids on vacation

A little help for fun times together!

5 ideas for playing with kids on vacation

A little help for fun times together!

Still facing a pandemic, we adults often forget how stressful and challenging this world scenario can be for children too.

And now, with the beginning of the holidays, even more creativity is needed to provide our little ones with moments of leisure and fun, even when at home.

Vacations can mean "a break" from school activities, but for the family it can be an additional opportunity to create good memories, strengthen emotional bonds even more and develop more complicity with them.

With that in mind, I've listed some suggestions for these unique family moments! Check out:

ABC of challenges

The idea here is to create an activity for each letter of the alphabet and, according to the name of each one, carry out these challenges.

This includes jumping rope, jumping, running, making faces, imitating someone, singing a song, and much more.

It's a very fun and very active activity to get everyone out of a sedentary lifestyle and still have a good laugh.

To make it easier, you can select just the letters of the names of the participants in the game and develop activities for each letter.

magic show

Children just love these playful experiences!

So it's worth decorating a little space and letting them perform their magic tricks.

On the internet you can find simple and easy tricks to teach them.


How about surprising the little ones by teaching them how to make a dinosaur like triceratops?

They love playing with plasticine and the possibilities are many to use their imagination and have a wonderful time together.

Master Chef Kids Moment

Choose an easy recipe and call the kids to the kitchen!

Ask them to help separate the ingredients, define what each one will do and see their little eyes sparkle when the dish is ready.

Soap bubbles

You can create a competition for who can pop the most soap bubbles in a given time.

Use your cell phone's timer (eg 5 minutes), you can make the bubbles and they will pop and count until the time runs out.

hiding objects

This game is a lot of fun because children really enjoy this kind of challenge.

You show the object (which can be treats too), then they start looking and you tell them if it's cold (when they're not close to the object), warm (when they're close) or hot (when they're almost there).

Precious moments with which we love the most: our little ones!

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