Paint roller with reservoir

An efficient and very economical alternative for painting walls!

Paint roller with reservoir

An efficient and very economical alternative for painting walls!

We love a good makeover!

Even more after we met those TV shows that work miracles in old houses and make them so beautiful that we can't believe what our eyes see.

Of course, all of this is done by professionals and with appropriate equipment.

However, if your home is not in need of a miracle, but a good painting, this post is for you!

Painting the house makes all the difference!

When deciding the color you want to paint the walls of your home, you will have a central point to define all your decor, in addition to leaving the environment with more light, spacious or even happier.

Painting an environment renews, brings more freshness and a very delicious feeling for those who are part of it.

A typical scene for anyone who wants to venture out to paint: some sheets of newspaper on the floor, furniture all covered, paint roller, tray and the paint can.

Checklist done, now just start painting, right?

That depends, because one of the biggest difficulties is knowing the right amount of paint on the roller, because if you can't dose it, the paint may run off the wall and fall to the floor, generating unnecessary waste and the need to fix the paint for don't dry out and get ugly on the wall.

How about practicality?

The paint roller with reservoir was created to avoid dirt, make the most of the paint and still give a beautiful finish to your painting.

Its operation is simple: you put the paint in the roller reservoir and with a few clicks on the trigger, the paint is released, in the right measure, without dirt and with a uniform paint.

You will be able to paint entire rooms in less time and without having to dip the roller in the paint several times.

It also comes with an extendable cable that is perfect for reaching higher places with great comfort and precision.

Now you have no more excuses to paint and make the walls of your home more beautiful and with zero waste!

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