Safely transport your pet in your car

Protect your pet!

Safely transport your pet in your car

Protect your pet!

If your heart sinks in traveling and leaving your pet at home, check out these tips to take him with all protection and safety in your vehicle.

Transporting pets in the car requires attention and care.

In addition, there are traffic laws liable to a fine to ensure that pets are transported correctly, to prevent accidents both with the driver and with your pet.

An example of this is if, by chance, the animal is loose inside the car, it can disturb the driver behind the wheel or take his attention, which can cause serious accidents.

Thinking about it, we can find interesting options to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. Check it out:

Pet vehicle insulation net

If your pet is more agitated and loves to go to the front seats, this Pet Vehicle Insulation Net is extremely efficient.

Remember to keep the car ventilated and preferably with his favorite toy to distract him.

This network is best suited for short walks.

Seat belt for pets

This alternative caters for both small and big pets.

The Pet Seat Belt is basically a guide that allows you to be attached directly to the vehicle's seat belt.

It can be adjusted according to the size of the animal, leaving it comfortable and firm in the back seat.

Pet car seat

The Pet Car Seat is a great alternative so that your pet does not feel so trapped and claustrophobic, as in animal transport boxes, for example.

This seat is attached to the seat and inside it has a belt that is attached to the animal's collar.

Especially made for longer trips and pets weighing up to 10 kilos.

Pet transport box

The pet transport box is super safe, has small ventilation openings and is recommended, especially if your pet has trouble riding in a car.

Just place it on the seat and fasten it with the car's seat belt.

There is little care when it comes to protecting those we love, isn't it?

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