Is baby rest chair useful?

Find out if it's worth the investment

Is baby rest chair useful?

Find out if it's worth the investment

In the baby's trousseau list, it is customary to put basic items such as diapers, cribs, clothes, towels, bath items, among other things.

While other items leave the doubt whether they are really necessary, such as the baby rest chair, also found as a "baby bouncer" or rocking chair.

With a variety of models, sizes and even technological features and accessories, the question is still in the air if this item can really be needed.

Comfort for the baby, rest for the parents

The baby rest chair was developed to provide maximum comfort for the baby.

Both its design and the material used to make it are very well thought out to accommodate the baby who spends the first months of life lying down, in addition to giving a little rest to the arms of parents who can do other activities, but always eye on the baby.


Because it has no anchoring point, the baby rest seat can be taken to any room in the house (many parents even put it in the bathroom while taking a shower), which is also very practical when you have to go out with the baby for family visits , for example.


All models have a very efficient safety system such as a seatbelt with 3 or 4 points.


Some models come with a "rock or vibration" function, which promises to "soothe" the baby so he can relax or fall asleep.

Inclined position, which is very effective for babies who suffer from reflux.

Bow with small toys to stimulate your interaction and curiosity.

Breathable and padded fabric, which is wonderful, especially on the hottest days.

Smart integration with smartphones, tablets or iPods, to play the family's favorite songs, in addition to triggering the other functions already mentioned, such as vibration.

Finally, some models allow voice recordings of up to 30 seconds for your baby.

In short, despite not being an essential item in the baby's trousseau, the chair can be a great help for those who are experiencing or will experience motherhood, with all the charm and challenges it provides.

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