5 trends for summer/22

summer trends for 2022


5 trends for summer/22

summer trends for 2022

In the last few days we suffered from an intense heat wave, which reminds us that the hottest season of the year is coming and that's why we've gathered the main summer trends so you can have everything on the tip of your tongue

1 - Comfy

One of the things the pandemic brought with the need for lockdown was comfort as a fashion priority. This trend of comfortable garments remains strong in the coming season, so you can continue to bet on pajamas, sweaters, cotton garments, because you will wear a lot.

2 - Colors

Spring-Summer 2022 will be like a post-pandemic glow-up, so the most vibrant colors will be the fever of the season. Pink and orange in particular will dominate next season's looks and accessories, but not just them. We'll also see the presence of neon pretty strong in the windows, you can bet!

3 - Shine / Metallic

Shiny pieces are also going to be very hot next season, and don't be fooled that they are restricted to night time. It will have a lot of shine used during the day, mixed with more casual items, which bring a very fashionista and eye-catching production.

4 - Cropped

The crop top and high waist combination has been reigning in fashion for a long time, but this summer the tops are getting shorter and shorter, like bustiers actually, very similar to the 90s trend. belly outside, as well as in the form of overlapping on dresses, t-shirts, shirts, etc. It's a great option for those who don't want to show off their body, but like the trend.

5 - Crochet

Crochet comes with everything this summer! A fashion that was also very strong in the 90's and 2000's, returns with everything next season. Crochet clothes and accessories and other handcrafted materials will be very present in 2022 fashion.

Now tell me, what is your favorite trend?

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