The coolest winter festivals in Europe

Have a good time!

The coolest winter festivals in Europe

Have a good time!

When we hear about festivals, the first thing that comes to our mind is summer, beach, music and heat, right?

But what if I told you that there are amazing winter festivals, most of which are outdoors and a lot of fun?

These festivals take advantage of all the charm and uniqueness of winter, with a lot of joy and creativity.

Although the winter is very cold, you can enjoy these special occasions, even outside.

Some festival locations are places with a lot of snow, where you can enjoy the cold with lots of music, challenges, games, in addition to offering accommodation in beautiful chalets and close to ski resorts, for example.

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Snowball Winter Festival

Starting in the first month of the year, we have the Sneeuwbal Winter Festival that takes place in January in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The Sneeuwbal Winter Festival is a techno festival in Utrecht, Netherlands. Celebrating winter, the festival rocks the entire city.

With a structure of five heated stages, the Sneeuwbal Winter Festival is marked by parties packed with national and international electronic music, as well as super fun practices such as snowball fights, slides, dance competitions and much more.


Snowboxx is a festival that takes place in March, in Avoriaz, France and is a mix of great music, snow sports activities such as skiing that can be practiced by both beginners and experts, various parties and concerts with famous international artists, lots of humor and games and games to make your presence at this event unforgettable!

Snowbombing Festival

Festival held in Austria's Mayrhofen, Snowbombing Festival is a diverse event with festivals flowing through igloo tracks, streets and forests, with snow sports and lots of fun.

Jorvik Viking Festival

If you're not into ballads, techno music and excitement, J orvik Viking Festival is a great option!

When we think of Vikings, we are immediately reminded of Scandinavia. However, these Nordic people have also made history in other places, such as the UK.

And the stage for this rich Nordic heritage to be highlighted every year is in the city of York.

I'm talking about the Jorvik Viking Festival (February), which manages to spell out the implication that the Viking takeover had in Anglo-Saxon England.

Witness dramatic battles, camps and intriguing conversations that tell the saga of the Vikings.

With strength competitions such as sword-wielding, archery, crafts and more, this festival is undoubtedly fascinating!

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