Clochard Pants

Elegance, comfort and style

Clochard Pants

Elegance, comfort and style

Every trend has an interesting history and clochard pants are no different.

Clochard in French means "beggar", who at the time wore clothes much larger than his body, which were probably donations and could not be dispensed with.

In order not to fall, these clothes were tied with a string, giving the shape of clothes that we know today as clochard.

Well, times change, tastes too, everything is renewed, as well as fashion.

Nowadays, clochard pants have been highly praised for being a refined, comfortable and stylish piece.

Because it is a timeless piece of clothing, it can be used on a variety of occasions.

Among the most common models are pantaloons, carrots and pantacourt.

Its striking feature is the puckering of its waistband, which is tied by means of a sash, which adds volume to the waist, shaping it perfectly .

How to wear Clochard pants?

If you are looking for a more urban style, more for the day to day, you can use it with a cropped or even a T-shirt that goes from a more basic one, even those with textures.

For a more elegant look, prefer bodies, blouses with more puffed and / or transparent sleeves and even with shine.

These compositions give an elegant and stylish balance to your look.

The clochard pants are a super democratic trend to celebrate your body, with comfort and style!

How about this beautiful piece in your wardrobe?

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