Best drugstore products

They may save your day!

Best drugstore products

They may save your day!

There is no denying that today's drugstores are increasingly complete. A place that used to be only for medicines, today it meets the most varied needs. And all this, at a super affordable value. Here are some precious tips for you to dig into the drugstores. Items to help you give a hair improvement, to improve a makeup... At last, a good pharmacy that has everything!

A good mascara

Yes, you can find great mascara in a drugstore! And to get it right, analyze what the number one priority is for you in a mascara. For example, for straight lashes, opt for a fast-drying mascara. The waterproof ones, on the other hand, suit those who need a high fixation. To lengthen eyelashes, look for thinner cylinder mascara wand. And to finish, if you want to bend your eyelashes, curved mascara wands already have a specific shape to give you the curvature you want so much.

The classic Bepanthen

Bepanthen is already well known for being incredibly efficient in many respects. This miracle liquid solution can be applied to the hair, face, knees, elbows and hands. It helps to moisturize, treat dryness and replace important vitamins, in addition to rejuvenating parts such as the hands.

Dry Shampoo

This product is very interesting because it does a lot more than it is promised. Besides removing the oiliness of your hair, it also gives it volume, making it more loose, being great for those with thin hair. The smell is also very pleasant and it can help you in a day when you have not given time to wash your hair, preparing you for any situation, with beautiful and fragant hair.


That's the kind of blush you need. It has illuminating tones, which offer a good and healthy appearance on your skin, besides illuminating it. With 5 perfect color variations that will give your skin a natural finish and smooth texture. It's also easy to smoke and has a fixation of up to 8 hours.  Look beautiful with a perfect color and a divine illumination on your cheeks.

Talcum Powder for Feet

This is a delicate problem that affects many people. We're talking about the smell on your feet.  This happens when fungi or bacteria proliferate that mix with the sweat of the feet. And to help you with this embarrassing and smelly problem, we suggest this product which has been well evaluated by the whole world. This talcum powder is antibacterial and highly absorbent, it also has a mild and pleasant aroma, eliminating odors all day long. Just apply it to your feet, which have to be washed and dry previously (you can also apply it to your shoes) and trust in the effectiveness of this incredible product that will not let you feel any more ashamed because of unpleasant odors on your feet.

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