How to choose your Gamer Chair

Get the best performance in comfort!

How to choose your Gamer Chair

Get the best performance in comfort!

With the digital gaming market booming, many gamers have been spending a good deal of time in the virtual world, whether for fun or professionally.

And for this whole experience to be perfect, many people have sought to adapt their space so that concentration and comfort are not affected and their performance, impaired.

After all, sitting for long periods in front of the computer, without adequate equipment, can trigger a series of health and concentration problems.

So, by choosing the right lighting, electronic equipment (such as a good PC, headphones, mouse and keyboard), a support table and a comfortable and suitable chair, you will have everything you need to improve your performance even more.

The truth is that no matter how entertained you are at a game, an uncomfortable chair can become a big nightmare for your back, causing serious pain due to the chair's lack of ergonomics and poor posture.

And, to get your gamer chair right, you need to:

Bet on product quality!

A good gamer chair requires a certain investment and for it to be valid, you need to choose a material that has good durability and strength.

Analyze the type of material used in the chair's feet, wheels and arms, the options for adjustments both in the arms and in height, fabric and its breathability, in addition to the medium-term product warranty.

As much as the product description says that the chair is ergonomic, the best ones have more possibility of adjustments.

It is also worth dedicating a little of your time to read the reviews of those who have already purchased the product.

And speaking of the gamer chair, some features like comfort, design and durability can help when choosing the gamer chair that's right for you!

The following models have great reviews and have been favorites in the gamers world. Check out:

Professional Gamer Chair TGC12 THUNDER X3

This TGC12 THUNDER X3 Professional Gamer Chair impresses with its modern, top-of-the-line design !

With Air Tech technology, the regulation of air circulation on its surfaces is more precise, preventing sweat from remaining and causing discomfort.

The chair has its upholstery made of leather, with diamond-shaped upholstery, to provide firmness and comfort.

Super ergonomic (backrest adjustable up to 180°), it has support pads for both the neck and cervical, as well as the lumbar region.

With adjustable arms and height adjustment, play your favorite games with this super gaming chair.

Premium Gamer Chair, CGR-01 - XZONE

With injected high density foam and ergonomic design, the Premium Gamer Chair, CGR-01 - XZONE was made to meet the main needs of a gamer.

Its PU synthetic leather upholstery offers a beautiful finish and durability.

And to make you even more comfortable, it has pillows for the lower back and neck, as well as upholstered arms.

With a reclining back that can be adjusted up to 155° and lift adjustment by gas cylinder, it's a cost-effective chair.

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