Membrane or mechanical keyboard

Which one is the best for you?

Membrane or mechanical keyboard

Which one is the best for you?

You don't care about a keyboard so much until you have the opportunity to use an excellent one!

And when it comes to searching for models to buy, it is quite common to find these two types, considered the main ones in the category: membrane keyboard and mechanical keyboard.

So, to better understand the characteristics of each one and choose the ideal keyboard for your type of use, I invite you to take a look at this post! Check out:

Membrane Keyboard

The first advantage of the membrane keyboard is undoubtedly its cost-effectiveness.

Even the most elaborate ones, with their silicone and ergonomic models, are still cheaper than a mechanical keyboard, in addition to being quiet and with a modern design.

Its keys are soft and very close to each other.

It is suitable for people who usually type texts or schoolwork, messages via e-mail or posts on social media, (the keyboard of a laptop is a membrane, for example).

If you play sporadically, the membrane keyboard will suit your needs very well.

Mechanic keyboard

The main highlight of a mechanical keyboard is its durability and resistance, especially when used by gamers.

With a fast and more accurate response, the mechanical keyboard is undoubtedly the favorite for those who usually play for hours.

But you are wrong to think that this is your only function.

People who type a lot every day, feel more comfort and naturalness when typing on this model of keyboard.

Its keys are taller and with greater spacing between them.

This is because their keys are firmer than the keys on a membrane keyboard, which does not require more pressure to type, preventing your fingers from getting tired.

Therefore, it is important to think about the type of use you will give to your keyboard, thus ensuring the best choice for your routine!

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