Some exciting news about it!


Some exciting news about it!

Get to know how this iconic motorcycle was created

The year was 1956, when the Honda president, Soichiro Honda decided to go to Europe to be inspired to develop another successful product. All he had in mind was that he needed a stylish, revolutionary and easy to ride concept. One of the main ideas was to create a horizontal engine so that both men and women could ride it in comfort and safety. It was also thought to develop an automatic clutch, totally changing the concept of riding a motorcycle. Super Cub was launched in August 1958, exceeding all expectations of success.

Did I hear about a new one?

There are some rumors that a new Honda Super Cub may be launched and it seems that will have removeable batteries, holding its classic style. This has been an iconic motorcycle since 1958 and of course, Honda would  consider revamp this successful model. It is speculated that Big Red wants to add an electrically powered Super Cub to the lightweight, urban fleet, as these patents tend to confirm. The idea of an electric cub is an old idea, because Honda first showed a concept of what the machine could be at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. Despite the fact that, until today all the details regarding the machine’s development have remained in secret.

The patent image

The patent image, as you can see, has been registered to have exclusive covering in the removeable battery system. Hopefully, staying truth to the original concept from 2009. Just like many small capacity electric scooters, the fact that this specific one has the ability to have its battery removed and take it inside for recharging, is a wonderful surprise.  Honda seems to have thought about every single detail,  by creating a simple system to remove and reinstall the battery, being not necessary to connect any leads of clip-on any terminals. It is thrilling to imagine an electric urban commuter and, talking about the electric Super Cub, we gladly expect to be on the way!

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