Are you into whisky?

Get to know The Sassenach blended Scotch Whisky!

Are you into whisky?

Get to know The Sassenach blended Scotch Whisky!

The actor Sam Heughan, who stars as Jamie Fraser in the popular time-travel drama, has many things to toast. He is the star in Outlander and has his own whisky called "The Sassenach". Although  Heughan's new in  Whisky business, this has been an old dream of him of creating his own spirit. "I set up the Great Glen Company to produce products that I believe in, using my heritage and passion as inspiration," he said. 

"Sassenach" means "foreigner" and is very often used in the famous series "Outlander".The term is originally used in Gaelic-speaking circles to describe the English, or in some cases lowland Scots. In fact, you will see a lot of people drinking whisky there,which gives us that feeling of "I gotta try this", quite often. 

People who have tasted this whisky describe it as "very tasty for its peach, fruit, apricot and butterscotch". This Scotch is carefully distilled at The Sassenach Spirits distillery, Highland. And if you have any doubts about tasting it, you have to know that Forbes has named  The Sassenach Whisky As One Of 15 Excellent Wines Created By Celebrities.

The premium liquor store, the Reserve Bar, gave their opinion about "The Sassenach" whisky. They said that it is an inspiration that comes from the Scottish Highland landscape. It has a singular blend of Scotch whisky with a peculiar character and smooth flavor. The blend is fullfilled with flavors from peach, apricot, honey, and butterscotch. You will also taste citrus fruits, almonds, and vanilla scent.


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