The most fun marathons in the world!

Because run and fun rhyme!

The most fun marathons in the world!

Because run and fun rhyme!

If you are crazy about racing, there is nothing better than to combine your favorite sport with travelling, for example. How about visiting those famous and unique places and still practice this nice sport? And to inspire you, get to know the best marathons that happen all over the world and prepare yourself to make your trip much more interesting.


This running starts at one of the hottest spots in France, at the Eiffel Tower to the Palace of Versailles. You will enjoy the most romantic landscapes, for 16 kilometers. The French are praised for their extreme organization with the event, which has bands, orchestras and attractions during the run. The event always takes place in September, but the tickets are sold in July, due to great demand.


This rather unusual and different race takes place in Finland, which is a country known for being very open-minded. It takes place at the beginning of the summer in june, with a 10 kilometer course. The only rules are to wear sneakers, socks and something on your head to protect yourself from the sun, nothing more than that. The run takes place in the woods trails of Padasjoki and if you are not shy, it is a must-see attraction!


The idea of this race is to encourage the practice of the sport but in a colorful and happy way. With its 5 kilometers course in Barcelona, in flat, sunny and colorful streets, it catches everyone's attention. It happens in May and to participate, you get a kit with t-shirt, bracelet, visor, registration number and the colored powder. Some countries from other continents liked the idea so much that they are already promoting this marathon as well.


Innovating as always, Walt Disney World promotes this event with different marathons: 10 kilometers, 5 kilometers, half marathon and marathon. It is an event for the whole family, where you can be the protagonist with the chance to get the support of the most famous characters of this enchanted world. This event takes place in January. 


This super fun and challenging run takes place in the UK and the goal is to get there before the train. It takes place in Tywyn, Wales. With 22 kilometres of running in the mountains, it's guaranteed fun. It happens in August and it's that kind of event that will be in your memory forever.


Imagine a race full of obstacles, mud, walls and water... It exists and it happens in Munich, Germany in April. The race is divided into 5, 12 and 20 kilometers with all the obstacles described above. It is the perfect event to challenge the bravest Germans in Bavaria.


This event is for those with a lot of bellows, due to the degree of difficulty it presents. It is that challenge to get you out of the comfort zone and make this the experience of your life. The race takes place through the mountains and steps of the Wall of China. You can choose among marathon, half marathon and 8.5 kilometers. This event takes place in May.

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