School uniforms

Should they be mandatory?

School uniforms

Should they be mandatory?

Wearing or not wearing uniforms? 

That's been a question for many schools and parents. It is undeniable to say that there are many advantages to wearing uniforms. However, there is also a certain resistance from some schools to require their students to wear uniforms. Therefore, it is worthwhile to list some advantages to understand and who knows, to come to a conclusion of what can be the most beneficial for students and the school.

They may promote equality

It is said that school uniforms promote safety for students, by  reducing socioeconomic disparities, and helping children focus on their studies and not worrying about fashion among other things related to that. On the other hand, there are the ones who highlight that school uniforms take away students' right of showing their personalities. Furthermore, they defend the idea that wearing uniforms do not help in their academic achievement nor disguise socioeconomic disparities.

A symbol of wealth

According to the author David L. Brunsma, who wrote "The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us about American Education: A Symbolic Crusade", the tradition of wearing school uniforms began in England, in 1222 when the Archbishop of Canterbury made students to wear a robe-like outfit called the “cappa clausa.” Years later, school uniforms became a symbol of wealth.

The sense of belonging

 Unfortunately, many students have to deal with bullying and peer pressure, so people say that since they have to wear the same clothes, this could contribute to avoid competition over clothing choices or if they are expensive or not, for example. Some experts in education say that since they are wearing the same clothes, it may develop social acceptance among them. You know when you wear your favorite's team shirt and go to a game? That feeling of belonging to something and the pride you feel? Some people state that this is the same feeling when you wear a school uniform. Students can develop a sense of respect, pride and trust, indeed.

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