In doubt about choosing your washing machine?

Learn more about available models and their advantages in this comprehensive guide!

In doubt about choosing your washing machine?

Learn more about available models and their advantages in this comprehensive guide!

If you have an appliance that has become essential in the homes of many families, for the convenience of performing one of the most important household tasks, it is the washing machine!

With several options of models that can meet the most different needs, finding an option that is perfect for your home can be challenging.

It's a challenging task because it's not the kind of item you can buy, just thinking about value.

Issues such as kilogram capacity, machine size, energy savings and extra features can provide a filter for a more refined and precise search.

Another crucial point is knowing what type of washing machine you need

Starting with the automatic washing machine.

* Panasonic 16 kg washing machine

This type of washing machine is the most popular, as it offers a complete washing cycle, which goes from filling the machine with water to the selected level, to the final part, which is the spinning of clothes.

Some models come with very useful and economical features, such as the right dosage of soap and fabric softener according to the amount of laundry in the machine.

We follow the list with the semi-automatic washing machine

* 16 kg Muller semi-automatic washer

A cheaper option, precisely because some functions have to be activated manually, such as the water level that must be adjusted to the amount of clothing.

In other words, the washing of clothes must be accompanied, as it does not complete the washing cycle alone.

The semi-automatic washing machine is on the list of the most economical, in terms of water and energy.

The desired “Lava e Seca” washing machine

*Long Vivace Wash & Dry Washing Machine 13 kg

With the most modern models and full of features, the Lava e Seca machine is undoubtedly a very useful appliance, with a beautiful design and state-of-the-art technology.

As the name says, it does the complete washing cycle and even dries the clothes, without the need to hang them on the clothesline, hoping that the weather is good.

Some models allow all machine control to be activated by a smartphone or tablet.

the dear six pack

*Colormaq six-pack 10 kilos

The tanquinho was an efficient and very economical option for those who could not buy a washing machine in the past.

It is highly praised for washing clothes very well, but its features are manually activated as water inlet and drainage, in addition to not having a spin function.

Centrifuge, the great partner of the six pack

*Muller Clothing Centrifuge 8.8 kg

With a spin up to 3 times greater than a traditional washing machine, the Clothes Centrifuge can be very useful, as it is compact and manages to remove moisture from clothes very efficiently.

Mini washing machine

* Electrolux Mini Silent 3 kg Washing Machine

An option for those who tend to have light clothes and a small quantity to be washed, the Mini Washing Machine can be placed in laundry rooms and even in the bathroom, with a capacity of 1 to 3 kg of clothes, and with low consumption of water and energy .

What size is right for my house?

If your family has up to 3 people, a machine between 9 and 10 kilos may be enough.

On top of that, machines from 12 to 17 kilos are able to serve well, allowing the washing of large and bulky bedding such as blankets and comforters.

Extra features

Washing machines that have a water heating function can be very useful for removing stubborn stains, especially from children's clothes.

Washing machines that have an energy saving seal can make all the difference when it comes to saving money.

After all, nobody wants to own a super machine and pay too much for it every month, right?

If you like to reuse water from the machine to wash a backyard, for example, the water reuse function can be very interesting.

Some machine models have the “sterilize” function, ideal for baby or children's clothing.

And finally, some washing options such as underwear, jeans, blanket, among others, are great alternatives to make your daily life easier.

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