5 books to learn to play chess

Rules and strategies for you to be a champion!

5 books to learn to play chess

Rules and strategies for you to be a champion!

Chess has gained great prominence in recent days, due to a series of huge success in which the protagonist is an excellent player.

To play chess you need 2 players, a square board, with 64 squares, alternating between white and black (with pieces being 16 white and 16 black).

Each player can make one move at a time, with the aim of checkingmate his opponent.

To play it you need logic and strategy , without the element of luck to win the game.

Who invented chess?

Chess was created in the 6th century by the Indians by the name of Chaturanga , which in Sanskrit means "the four elements of an army".

Then it was the Chinese and Persians who enjoyed the game. Even the Persian word Shah (king) gave rise to the name chess.

However, chess, as we know it today, emerged in Europe in the 15th century, evolving from its ancient origin.

Nowadays, there are tournaments, schools and even chess clubs. In Brazil, it is likely that chess arrived in 1500 with the Portuguese.

Very interesting, isn't it?

But, if you want to learn or improve your strategies, I have separated some essential readings for you to grow technically in the game.

Check out:

My System: The First Chess Teaching Book

The book Meu Sistema de Nimzovitsch was written in 1925 and considered the most important chess literature.

The author was one of the most notable players of his time and named by many, the father of the Hypermodern School of Chess.

This school was revolutionary in the theoretical approach of the game, being the basis for the development of chess in the last 95 years.

Chess For Dummies: Translation of the 4th Edition

The book Chess for Dummies will help you to understand the rules of the game and its movements.

In a very simple and didactic way, the author introduces you to the principles of the game, its parts and powers, as well as strategies and combinations.

Develop your skills and be a champion!

How to Win Chess Quickly!

How to win at Chess Quickly is a very interesting book, as it is based on the analysis of 50 games, as well as the typical errors of its players.

In addition, the author offers valuable advice and information to win and avoid or not make the same mistakes.

Confronting Intelligence: World Chess Championships

Pay attention to all movements! The book Intelligences in Confrontation: World Chess Championships will make you follow move by move, the clashes of 1834 for the world chess title until today.

With over a thousand matches played, you will understand the rules and strategies used in matches to apply them in your own matches.

You will feel Chess more accessible and you, more motivated to play it!

101 Chess Surprise Openings

101 Openings Surprise in Chess is a powerful book on how to make the right opening and destabilize your opponent.

Filled with ideas, this book will guide you in the initial stage of opening, with a lot of logic, and yet full of creativity in the face of conventional moves.

Now you have no excuses to be the best player you can in chess!

You can find these and other chess books on amazon.com !

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