Waiting for Black Friday to change your fridge?

Discover the 5 best brands and models of 2021!

Waiting for Black Friday to change your fridge?

Discover the 5 best brands and models of 2021!

The refrigerator is one of the stars of our kitchen, and that's why it's important to consider some essential features so that this much-needed appliance is spacious, elegant and functional.

However, choosing the right model can be a little more challenging, given the fact that we have so many options available on the market.

We are talking here about different sizes, capabilities, features and values.

Therefore, to help you find the ideal refrigerator for your home, we have created a list of models that have great ratings.

Check out this list and find the refrigerator of your dreams to enjoy the best deals in the coming months:

Brastemp refrigerator BRE57AK

Brastemp's BRE57AK model is an inverse refrigerator, (the model that has the freezer located at the bottom of the refrigerator), having its storage capacity optimized.

With a capacity of 443 liters, you will find several well thought-out rooms, such as dedicated shelves for storing eggs, bottles and spices, a large drawer for vegetables and fruits, with Adapt space and separator.

And the Turbo Ice function that makes ice quickly, notifying you when the ice is ready, combined with the intelligent Twist Ice Advanced system, dropping the ice cubes in a drawer for this purpose.

With elaborate compartments for cans and bottles in the freezer and refrigerator, you'll have cold drinks faster and without mess.

Frost Free Refrigerator Samsung RF49A5202S9 470l

Save up to 50% energy with the Samsung RF49 Frost Free Refrigerator!

With Digital Inverter technology, you can save up to 50% energy, with a super silent compressor and freezer drawer.

The French Door charm of this beautiful Samsung refrigerator, in addition to its drawer under the freezer, brings practicality, elegance and style to your kitchen.

The flat doors and built-in handles add a modern look to the environment, standing out among other appliances.

The doors are also smudge-proof and its Water Dispenser delivers chilled water with just a touch.

Electrolux DM84X Refrigerator

The Electrolux DM84X refrigerator is a standout!

With a capacity of 579 liters, it is ideal for large and spacious kitchens, which also need that modern and elegant touch.

Its blue panel located on the door, activates functions such as Ice Express and Drink Express, in addition to "Holiday, Shopping, Party" modes, which adjust the refrigerator's power, according to your needs.

Organize your refrigerator items with Fast Adapt shelves, relocating them in a personalized and efficient way.

Brastemp Refrigerator Activate! BRO80AK

Still talking about refrigerators with French Door Inverse doors, the Brastemp BRO80AK refrigerator offers many benefits.

With an incredible 540 liters of capacity, adjustable shelves, a drawer for fruits, vegetables and cold cuts and two more freezer drawers, which are located at the bottom, you will have all the technology and quality of a Brastemp refrigerator.

And speaking of technology, its touch panel allows you to change the temperature of the freezer and freezer, control the Ice Maker (super fast ice if the reservoir is always full of water) and Express, Shopping, Party, Holiday, Turbo Freezer and Can modes , to have your drinks always cold.

Refrigerator Consul CRE44AK

The Consul CRE44AK Frost Free Inverse refrigerator stands out for receiving a finish called Evox: which resembles stainless steel a lot, but which manages to protect your appliance against corrosion with greater efficiency.

Even with a smaller capacity (397 liters) compared to other models, its interior space was intelligently distributed to be functional and practical.

Your freezer is very spacious and comes with a turbo function that speeds up the food freezing process.

It has a charming electronic panel on the door for easy access to the refrigerator's temperature control.

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