Set is cringe?

The stylish trend of the upcoming season!


Set is cringe?

The stylish trend of the upcoming season!

I'll start by saying that: No.

The sets came back with a vengeance last season and apparently, they're here to stay.

Carried straight from the 1980s, women's sets took over the world's main catwalks last season. With a cool and sophisticated touch, the combinations are already popular with fashionistas on duty and promise to take to the streets with great elegance and fashion information.

Even if the combinations are already “ready” in the wardrobe, it is possible to multiply the looks and generate new sets with pieces that were not originally designed as a pair. The main trick of this trend is to find prints, colors and models that enhance your body and suit your style.

Despite its last highlight in fashion being a few decades past, the set currently symbolizes modernity and boldness. And to help you in your quest to choose the perfect set, we've set aside some references for you.

Classic, but not so much. The traditional sets of blazer and pants have gained new looks in recent seasons, new colors, new models, are here to stay.

What if we cut the blazer a little? Still talking about the traditional blazer and pants set, the blazer also has a second outfit, this time a little shorter, which brings to the look a super modern and sexy air when it lets this skin strip show.

If you had a "taiêr", you're certainly past thirty, right? But the famous "chanel ensemble" has also been reinterpreted. We raised the length of the skirt a little, adjusted the blazer a little to the shape of the body, and swapped the peep toes for boots and sneakers. If you consider yourself a fashionista, this one cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

If you're from the team that loves a more elegant look, I'm sure this set proposal is among your favorites. Pantalona and Cropped. These two pieces together, bring the idea of a unique summer look! You can't help but want a set like this when the hottest season of the year arrives.

But tell me, are the sets already in your day to day? If so, which of these proposals do you like best?

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