Discover the 5 best electric pressure cookers

And how to choose the ideal model for your kitchen!

Discover the 5 best electric pressure cookers

And how to choose the ideal model for your kitchen!

The increasingly advanced technology has won our hearts to deliver products that can facilitate and save our time, with great quality and efficiency.

Among so many innovations, we have been introduced to the famous electric pressure cooker and, despite looking like a novelty, the first patented product with this function was in 1991, can you believe it?

However, his fame has gained more traction recently.

And some doubts arise to be able to choose the electric pressure cooker that best suits your home and family.

What can the electric pressure cooker offer you?

The advantages are many, however, the ones that have attracted the most attention have been practicality and safety.

It is very practical, mainly because you just choose a few functions, program it and press a few buttons to prepare your food very safely.

It is safe because it has several safety devices, such as locking the lid when there is still pressure inside, controlled pressure and temperatures, automatic shut-off and anti-thermal handle.

Not to mention the fact that you save on cooking gas, as well as your time.

Have several types of preparations optimized faster and with a lot of health.

The electric pressure cooker is also designed to produce as little noise as possible (compared to a traditional pressure cooker) and is also great for sauteing or frying food.

Make cakes, puddings, bakes, bakes, stir-fries and more with this amazing electric pressure cooker!

With a variety of brands, the electric pressure cooker can be found with different wattages, capacities and digital and analog models, which can make choosing difficult.

But calm down! I have separated a list so that you can analyze and choose your ideal electric pressure cooker. Check out:

Philips Walita Viva Digital 5L

The Philips Walita electric pressure cooker is beautiful and with the undisputed quality of the Walita brand.

With a capacity of 5 liters, 10 types of programs, security lock with 8 levels, digital panel and preparation schedule for up to 24 hours, it comes with useful accessories such as measuring cup, ladle and rice spoon.

Its color is a charm on its own.

Arno PP01 electric pressure cooker

Very powerful, the Arno PP01 electric pressure cooker has 6 safety systems, non-stick cooking bowl, analog panel, preparation schedule for up to 24 hours (with 7 automatic programs), capacity of 5 liters and with a spoon and measuring cup as accessories.

Tradition and a lot of security with Arno.

Midea Multicooker Exclusive 6L

The Midea Multicooker Exclusive electric pressure cooker already impresses with its 6 liter capacity and the name makes a lot of sense!

After all, with it you can bake, fry, sauté and cook, in addition to the sterilization functions of containers such as kitchen utensils, containers and baby bottles.

With its digital panel, programming for up to 24 hours, programmed recipes and choice of the recipe point (if you want to point, soft or strong), useful accessories such as ladle, measuring cup, spoon, condensation collector, rack for sterilization, and pan for steam cooking, Midea manages to develop one of the best pans!

Electrolux Digital Chef PCC 20

Considered one of the most complete models, the Electrolux Chef Digital PCC 20 electric pressure cooker with an incredible 6 liters capacity is full of functionality!

There are 15 pre-selected recipes, 10 safety devices, digital LED display, programming for up to 24 hours, pressure intensity (low, medium and high) and accessories such as spatula, measuring cup and ladle.

Electrolux offering a pan of great quality and efficiency!

Mondial Digital Master Cooker PE-39

With a differentiated design, the Mondial Digital Master Cooker PE 39 electric pressure cooker combines quality and practicality!

With 14 programmable functions, capacity of 5 liters, preparation schedule for up to 24 hours, removable bowl, digital display, and measuring cup and spoon as accessories, Mondial presents one of the products in this line with quality and at a more accessible value.

To find your ideal electric pressure cooker, you need to:

Choose the capacity (pot size in liters) that best suits your needs.

Analog or Digital Panel - This panel is what activates all the functions of the pan.

The digital panel is activated with the touch system (it resembles the panel of a microwave, for example), while the analog panel is that system in which a main knob is turned to the chosen function.

Suitable voltage for your kitchen.

There are bivolt models (110v or 220v), while others only offer one of the possibilities.

Types of cooking schedules, which can be a wonderful help to prepare your recipes in advance and also to familiarize yourself with your electric pressure cooker.

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