Discover the benefits of board games

Good for your brain and heart!

Discover the benefits of board games

Good for your brain and heart!

Dedicate some of your time to enjoy all the amazing benefits that board games can be!

Many board games bring up affectionate memories, with all the fun and excitement that this type of experience can add to our lives.

When talking for a few minutes about this topic with someone, you will certainly hear stories with a lot of nostalgia and fond memories of family moments, with parents, grandparents, cousins or friends, and that, is priceless!

And facing social isolation in many countries, having these moments with the family can be crucial to strengthen emotional bonds and create good memories with those you love.

However, the advantages of board games go beyond emotions.

These games are a huge treat for your brain!

Board games exercise your brain in such a special way that they manage to maintain the youthfulness of this very essential organ of our body.

As you get older, the stimuli that board games can produce can reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Numerous studies prove that this type of practice promotes a reduction in the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, as well as dementia.

board games bring people together

With the issue of social isolation still so prevalent in many places, having that time of connection with those who share the same roof with you can be a powerful weapon in minimizing the pain of isolation.

Many people have had problems with their mental health, mainly because of the loneliness that isolation brings.

Taking a moment to play a board game can awaken the desire to spend quality time together again, with pleasant moments and more communication.

Board games are a great treasure to be unveiled by children

Social and cognitive skills can be improved with these games.

Issues such as respecting rules, sharing and interacting are immersed during the games, as well as skills such as logic, reasoning and interpretation.

You will see children happier, more curious, more detached from cell phones, tablets and video games, and with enhanced self-esteem.

board games promote relaxation

As a way to disconnect from the digital world and everyday problems, board games manage to reduce stress and develop mental balance.

It's an opportunity to do something different from what you're used to, and forget, even for a few moments, the worries of everyday life.

In short, board games are a great alternative to exercising your brain, reconnecting with others and leaving the chaos of life outside.

If you want suggestions for board games to play with the family, click here ;)

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