5 action movies from start to finish

For you to watch now on Netflix!

5 action movies from start to finish

For you to watch now on Netflix!

Accessing the Netflix catalog brings out mixed feelings.

When you turn on your tablet, smartphone or smart TV, you are faced with the vastness of the most varied titles and categories, which sometimes makes it difficult to hit the nail on the head when choosing a good movie, and with the right dose of what you want. he likes.

An action movie brings with it incredible characteristics that go far beyond fights, explosions and that frantic running.

It also has some interesting and culturally rich doses of comedy, drama, romance and narrative.

After all, many screenwriters want to provide an experience that goes beyond entertainment: a story with quality and emotion.

If you are an unconditional fan of action movies, those that take your breath away and give you that hot adrenaline from beginning to end, this list was created especially for you!


Family Justice (Sweet Girl)

Starring Jason Momoa (Ray Cooper), Family Justice (Sweet Girl) is a film with a well told plot and a surprising ending.

In it, we learn the story of Ray Cooper, a loving father and husband who seeks justice in the face of the greed of a pharmaceutical company that decides to withdraw from the market the only drug that could help his wife (Adria Arjona) who is facing a type of cancer.

However, his efforts to uncover the truth expose his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) to a series of assassination attempts, causing Ray to fight with all his strength to protect the one he loves most in the world.

Rescue (Extraction)

Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is a special forces fighter with the nearly impossible mission of rescuing an Indian teenager kidnapped by a major criminal organization in India.

Despite being extremely competent and mission-focused, Tyler must face past dramas that can shake his emotions to successfully accomplish his mission.

With several twists, electrifying fights and running around, Rescue (Extraction) is a respectable action movie.

Rise of the Black Swan (SAS: Rise of the Black Swan)

In Rise of the Black Swan (SAS: Rise of the Black Swan) , Tom Buckingham ( Sam Heughan , star of the iconic series Outlander), is a special forces agent who is on a train trip to Paris with his girlfriend Sophie ( Hannah John-Kamen) to propose to her.

However, during the trip, Grace Lewis (Ruby Rose) and her cronies hijack the train and hold its passengers hostage.

Without his weapon and the support of his anti-terrorist team, Tom is the only one who can intervene in this very dangerous situation in an attempt to save his girlfriend and other passengers.


With a drug that, when ingested, gives superpowers to the one who took it, Power offers his viewers a plot starring Jamie Foxx (Ray), a former soldier who is thirsty for revenge and discovers what this drug can do, beyond of its side effects.

The problem is even greater when the news spreads through the streets of New Orleans, and its access becomes possible, even for criminals.


While enjoying his vacation in Greece, Beckett (John David Washington ) finds himself in a race for his survival, being chased after a terrible accident.

His will to live, leads him to a desperate attempt to fight for his life, crossing the country to reach the American embassy on a path full of danger and tension.

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