How to find the best tv and enjoy Black Friday

This is the moment!

How to find the best tv and enjoy Black Friday

This is the moment!

If you have been able to wait all year to have your dream TV, this is the time to guarantee the best offers from the best brands.

Research shows that people spend a good deal of their free time watching series, movies and TV shows.

Specifically, at this time of quarantine, TV has been a great companion for entertaining families. And the truth is, the more you use it, the more you realize how good or bad it is. Hence the desire or need to have access to the best TVs and their features.

If you're still not sure what you're looking for on your new TV, here's a little help. Check it out:

We love a good image!

Although many offer high definition in HD, TVs with 4K resolution are the best option. This is because the more pixels a TV has, the better the quality of the resolution will be, with details in the image and more information.

HDMI Ports

When looking for a TV, pay close attention to the number of HDMI ports it has. You will need at least 3, because we usually need HDMI inputs for video games, cable TV sets, if you need to connect a flash drive or a laptop, or a Chromecast (which is my case).

The bigger the better?

It depends a lot! Especially if you are going to hang it on a wall (in this case, you will need a good support for a TV suitable to the inches of your device), dare to place a rack, which can limit the size of the TV. We love a "home cinema", but we cannot let these details go unnoticed.

Audio quality

Some of the more modern and thin models fall short in terms of audio quality. Still, it is possible to find some that offer good sound quality. If you have doubts, you can invest in a soundbar, it is nothing more than a sound bar that raises the audio quality of your TV considerably.

Not every smart tv is "smart"

Some smart TVs have slow and limited connectivity. you need to know if Wi-Fi is built-in or if you need a wireless adapter to connect. A Smart TV has smart functions like accessing social networks, applications like Amazon video or Netflix, or even browsing the web.

There is a good price difference between a conventional TV and a Smart TV. If you choose a conventional TV, you can buy a Chromecast, which also works perfectly!

After these super useful tips, enjoy Black Friday and have the TV of your dreams!

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