Electric cookers are all good!

Find out how they can make your day to day much easier!

Electric cookers are all good!

Find out how they can make your day to day much easier!

Technology and modernity go hand in hand to make our days more practical, optimizing our time that is so precious.

With a huge list of equipment and accessories, we can select those that can help us in our daily routine.

And today I want to give this deserved prominence to electric cookers, which are often dispensed for "expending a lot of electricity" or because they are not used in the correct way.

And speaking of that, if we compare the price of a cooking gas today, we will come to the conclusion that having electric cookers can be advantageous and more economical, besides being practical, easy to use and with the control of time, temperature and autonomy to disconnect alone.

By adjusting the cooking time and temperature, the likelihood that you will burn your food will be much less.

They can also save you from those situations when the gas runs out, right when you're cooking, because the electricity works regularly, while gas can run out at any time.

The main models are the electric pressure cooker, electric rice cooker, oil-free fryer (popularly known as "Air Fryer ') and the multifunctional electric cooker.

Shall we get to know them better?

Electric pressure cooker

Its main advantage is the speed in cooking, conserving nutrients and emphasizing aromas and flavors.

A healthy and advantageous option for you to cook without fear.

Make soups and broths, cook beans, meats and more with this incredible electric pressure cooker that can be used as a pressure cooker or regular cooker.

Electric Rice Cooker

Make tasty and fluffy rice with this electric rice cooker!

It comes with a marking on the inside and a measuring cup to adjust the amount of rice and water for perfect cooking.

In addition to rice, you can cook stews and other soft foods, as well as vegetables.

There are two functions: cooking and heating, to maintain the temperature of the food, until it is consumed.

Multifunctional Electric Cooker

Its operation is very simple: just plug it into the outlet, adjust the temperature and let it do the job.

Make fish stew, fry several hamburgers at the same time, bake pizzas, make grills and more with this multifunctional electric pan.

Fryer without oil (Air Fryer)

As the name suggests, fry food without using oil.

Healthier meals with a lot of crispness and flavor.

Meats, fish, chickens, potatoes, vegetables, cheese breads ... The options are many.

Adjust the temperature and time and place the food in the basket.

Simple as that with this oil-free fryer!

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