Hidden paradises within the state of São Paulo

Embrace adventure!

Hidden paradises within the state of São Paulo

Embrace adventure!

The State of São Paulo is known for its imposing buildings, for its diversity in art, culture and leisure, in addition to a vast coastline for those who enjoy sand and sea. However, what a few people know is that besides all this already mentioned, São Paulo has some small paradises for those who are in love with nature and extreme sports.

Here we've gathered some of the best options for those who seek their piece of paradise within the state of São Paulo.

Petar - Iporanga

 PETAR means (Parque Estadual Turístico do Alto Ribeira) and is located between the cities of Apiaí and Iporanga, this imposing park has more than 350 caves, waterfalls, archaeological sites, trails and much more, situated between valleys and mountains within the preserved area of the Atlantic Forest. Besides the great amount of creeks and rivers, what most draws the visitors' attention is the complexity of the caves and their beautiful particularities, which makes this park a unique place. It has also been awarded the title of World Heritage by Unesco.

There it is possible to go abseiling, cross, trail, climb, dive and explore some of the most beautiful caves, which will take your breath away due to its splendor! 

São Bento do Sapucaí

São Bento do Sapucaí is located in the Vale do Paraíba Region, surrounded by mountains and vast vegetation, attracting adventurous souls who seek a refreshing climate and nature in abundance. It was also named an adventure resort, for providing its visitors with moments of practice and appreciation of extreme sports, such as climbing, free flight, trail, among other activities. Pedra da Divisa, Cachoeira dos Amores, Cachoeira do Toldi, Cachoeira dos Serranos, Rampa de Vôo Livre compose this so exuberant place. Its most famous tourist point is the Pedra do Baú (chest rock), with at least 30 climbing routes at an altitude of 1,950 meters, which makes it a symbol of the city and highlights its greatness. This city will win you over with its beauty and hospitality!

Angel's Cave - Socorro

This cave has this name because it displays beautiful mirrored rooms of crystalline and blue waters where it is possible to get to know it using pedal boats. The cave was formed by water infiltration in an old stone quarry that was deactivated over 20 years ago.

It is located 140 kilometers from the Capital and its access is very easy: 200 meters walking or going by car. For those who enjoy a colder climate, the temperature inside the cave varies between 15ºC and 17º C. It is a delicious walk to have with family and friends. You will be enchanted by the look and the magical climate of this cave!

Sand that sings - Brotas

The place bears this name because it is composed of tiny grains of quartz and a very white sand, which when combined, produce a very peculiar sound, referring to a cuíca (a Brazilian instrument). The access is through a trail of 2 kilometers inside a farm hotel, which is free to its guests and with the purchase of admission to visitors. This place is very vibrant with crystal clear waters of greenish tone and surrounded by a charming forest. Despite the freezing water, many visitors embrace the opportunity to swim in this area of crystal clear waters, approximately 10 meters in diameter. In this same place, it is possible to walk a little more and swim in the Tamanduá River and enjoy the moment with much joy and positivity!

It is quite impressive the natural treasures that people in São Paulo  have, don't you think?

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