Precious tips for studying online!

Get better results in your study routine!

Precious tips for studying online!

Get better results in your study routine!

A skill that until recently was not so valued is the art of knowing how to study. Those who have mastered this skill have an easier time absorbing content and achieving their goals more efficiently. Knowing how to study goes far beyond creating strategies to understand and apply the acquired knowledge. It is also important to think about indispensable details such as the best time to study, environment, food, elimination of possible distractions, among others. Anyway, studying online requires much more than you think! Therefore, we have listed some tips to help you overcome these challenges and enjoy all the learning you can.

Be realistic

Studying effectively requires goals. However, working with realistic goals is crucial for good performance and increased motivation. For example, it is more efficient to study 2 hours a day in the right way than to spend the whole day studying in a disorganized manner and with countless distractions. The tip is to start with a time when you can stay motivated and gradually increase. Several educators claim that the best strategy is to study a little every day, than to study everything the day before a test or an activity.

Focus on goal

Studying online can be quite lonely, however, it is a great opportunity to learn to stay focused, as it greatly reduces those moments when many students deviate from the subject with side conversations and unnecessary interruptions. Therefore, this may be the time to focus your attention on what is being studied, clear your doubts and share opinions.

Carefully choose your place to study

Only you can feel and decide which is the perfect place to study at your home. For this to happen, you need to understand that the chosen place must be the one in which you feel good and comfortable, with good lighting (darker places tend to cause drowsiness and even sadness), without much visual stimulation, so as not to divert your attention and finally, with as little noise as possible.

Listen to your body

Many people perform well in the morning, while others "work" better at night. Therefore, it is necessary to assess which part of the day you perform best and organize yourself to study at that time. Of course, there are classes with fixed schedules, however, there is no reason not to try and do your best. You can organize your studies and review the content at the time that works best for you.

Get in the habit of writing down

Annotation of the studied content makes it much easier when you need to review what you have studied. Many students are mistaken when they keep the habit of just recording an attended class, because it may happen that you have a specific question, which could be taken with an important note, and having to watch hours of a class to get to the part where you may have your doubt resolved. Remember: managing your time in the best way will bring benefits that go beyond the academic. You will feel more efficient and more willing.

Invest in technology

Having a good computer and accessories will make your experience more comfortable and stress free. It is very frustrating when the computer crashes or stops working in the middle of an important class, or when you are about to ask a question. So invest in a quality computer. It is also worth having the option of connecting your computer to a router with a network cable, so that there is no drop in connection. Some tech experts also recommend using the blue light filter, especially if you study at night. The blue light emitted by the cell phone or computer screen can disturb your sleep and cause burning eyes. So stay tuned to that suggestion.

And finally, believe in you!

We human beings have the incredible ability to adapt to different situations and so we can say that with a lot of effort and focus, you will do well! Knowledge is one of the biggest investments we make in ourselves and that no one will be able to take away.

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