Meet the most exciting cities in Italy

Love at first visit!

Meet the most exciting cities in Italy

Love at first visit!

Italy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, cozy and romantic places in Europe, which attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to know and explore this enchanting place, that emanates a lot of romanticism and history wherever you look at.  With its rustic structures, that mix the beautiful landscapes and the aroma of the best wines and pasta, this is certainly the perfect route for you to experience the most beautiful sensations. Check out what each of these cities can offer you, whether for a honeymoon, the celebration of an important date or the simple desire to know this wonderful place.


This city is divided into the Upper and Lower City and is 60 kilometres away from Milan. The Lower City has the modernity of Madrid, with its invigorating elegant architecture, with great avenues, skyscrapers, where the commerce pulsates. The Upper City is reminiscent of the medieval era, with its narrow streets, which look more like alleys and its delicious bakeries. The access to it is made by a cable car. This city is a perfect mix to find modernity and the charm of a historical city.


Florence is very remembered for its great architectural works, influenced by the Renaissance and its great artists. This city is home to monuments and historic buildings besides the sunset that is much appreciated there. The main tourist attractions in Florence are churches, monuments, museums and squares. Exploring the historical center of this charming city will bring you indescribable sensations.


This city is quite peculiar because it has no roads, only canals for locomotion, which makes this tour a very romantic moment in the midst of Renaissance landscapes. Gondola ride is a relaxing and calm experience with the possibility of enjoying a serenade of love aboard the gondola. The gastronomy is a strong point in Venice, as it is one of the cities that hosts excellent restaurants.


Although it is small, is one of the most charming Italian cities. Due to its size, it is possible to visit all the tourist points on foot, appreciate all its art and still taste wonderful food. The main tourist points are the Civic Museum, Plaza Del Campo, Siena Cathedral, St. Dominic's Basilica, besides historical buildings and famous bakeries, some of which have existed for over 100 years.


Rome is the famous capital of Italy that lives up to its fame, because besides having one of the most influential cultures in the world, an imposing architecture, such as Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and its more than 3 thousand years of art, it still shelters ancient ruins such as the Coliseum and the Forum, symbols of the great power that the Roman Empire displayed. Visiting these iconic places, taking the most beautiful photos, tasting the highest gastronomy and experiencing each moment of this great adventure will create unforgettable memories. The tip is also to visit the Piazza Navona which has the beautiful Fontana Dei Quattro Fiume, which was carved by the famous Gian Lorenzo Bernini, which honors the 4 most important rivers of ancient times, Ganges, River Plate, Nile and Danube.

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