Vacuum cleaner robot - your great ally in cleaning

See what it can do for you

Vacuum cleaner robot - your great ally in cleaning

See what it can do for you

Dust, dirt and animal hair can be great enemies, especially those with allergies or breathing problems.

And nowadays, with the lack of time to do so much, we know how much technology can be our partner in several aspects, including maintaining the cleanliness of the house.

And the robot vacuum cleaner is one of those inventions that makes us crazy to know and test.

With several models and different functions, it is important to know how much a robot vacuum cleaner can help you and how.

So, I separated some information so that you can know the wonders that it can do in your home. Check it out:

Schedule the cleaning time

Some models allow you to choose the best time for the robot vacuum cleaner to clean. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and finding your home clean and vacuumed?

It looks like a dream, doesn't it? But with this device it is possible!

How about wiping the house too?

With a microfiber cloth attached, it also cleans wet surfaces and even cleans up, when wiping all over the house.

Then the only job you will have to do is remove the cloth and wash it. That simple!

Cleaning even in the most difficult places

There are parts of the house and furniture where we have to contortion to clean. With the robot vacuum cleaner, this problem does not exist.

It has a very compact and slim design, which helps reach hard to reach places.

You choose the ideal type of cleaning for the moment

They usually come with 3 functions: random cleaning, corner cleaning and spiral cleaning (vertically). Thus, you get the best result for the type of cleaning you need.

Don't worry: it won't fall or collide with anything

The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a fall and collision sensor, that is, when it detects a possible fall, it deviates to another path, offering a lot of tranquility for you to let your device do its job.

It is important to note that this type of appliance, as incredible as it may be, does not do the "heavy cleaning" type, but works very well to keep the environments clean and free of dust and dirt such as animal hair, soil, insects, etc.

You can find your robot vacuum cleaner on !

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