5 products to refresh the kids in this heat!

Fun and heat relief are guaranteed!

5 products to refresh the kids in this heat!

Fun and heat relief are guaranteed!

The truth is that we love sunny days, but we don't like being warm. So, we try to cool off by going to the beach, swimming in rivers, waterfalls and pools. But, and for those who do not have easy access to these options? And everything gets worse when you have children at home and you can't go to those places right now.

If you are looking for fun and heat relief for your little ones, don't worry! We have listed some very interesting products to help the little ones face this heat with lots of fun!

Garden sprinkler

You must have watched that scene in a movie, when a person passes through the garden and then the sprinkler starts to work and leaves them all wet. Well, you have no idea how much an irrigator can make the kids happy in this heat. This is because, in addition to being easy and simple to install, when activated, it squirts water from all sides.

Some models have a very stable base to place them on a flat or sloped surface and can be hung by the handle. Just connect it to a hose and enjoy!

Inflatable Kids Rug with Splash

It's guaranteed fun! This carpet has small openings that release water in the children in the form of splashes. Just connect it to a hose and adjust the water pressure. With resistant material, children can jump and slide through this water toy, full of colors and images of water animals, which will bring fun and freshness.

Super Soaker Launches Nerf Twin Tide Water

With a storage capacity of almost 1 liter of water, this water launcher will be the star of children's fun. Available in various styles and sizes, children will have many moments of adventure and getting very wet!

To use it, just open the compartment that stores water and fill it. Then just choose your target and shoot jets of water that can be long and multiple launches.

Water Balloon - Beam 70

This classic game from all childhood, is now more modern. With these balloon bundles, you can fill several balloons at the same time and without tying them one by one. The game is more dynamic and super fun!

Simply screw the beam onto the tap and fill up to 70 balloons in a matter of seconds. The manufacturer also sends an adapter for hose and extra balloons in case of any puncture or defect in the balloons.

Water Slide

This is definitely a summer toy! Just connect it to a hose and let the kids race, sliding through it. It has nozzle outlets to make the game even cooler.

Made of super resistant PVC material, this will be one of the favorite toys of the little ones in this heat.

Which one did you like the most? You can find it on Amazon.com !

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