Home sweet smart home!

Smarten your home!

Home sweet smart home!

Smarten your home!

Smart homes have become a fever in recent years. The idea is to use technology to provide residents with comfort, safety and practicality. There is a range of products such as smart displays, locks, security cameras and lamps in general. The devices are connected to the Internet and can be controlled from anywhere by the mobile phone, which is a great facility for users and also useful to save energy and use it efficiently and intelligently. 

Smart Thermostat

With the Nest application, you can change the temperature anywhere, from any room in your home, work or even any other place you're travelling, for example. Users love that this device saves energy. This is because when you leave home, it turns itself off automatically and also offers, through the Nest application, the possibility to see how much energy you spend so that you can pay more attention and save even more energy.

Nest Cam

The Nest security camera allows you to remotely monitor your home from your mobile phone and sends alerts whenever something happens. It has the option of voice control, with a speaker and microphone so you can interact with the people in the house. This device can be attached to the wall, to something metal or attach it to an object of your choice.

Smart Lawn Sprinkler 

This appliance allows you to take care of your lawn wherever you are, setting the timetables according to the type of grass and according to the climate of the day. It uses weather data to know exactly how much watering and how much water you will need, helping you to save water. Keep your garden beautiful and healthy with just a touch of your hands.

August Smart Locker

This digital lock is your chance not to worry about keys anymore, because it closes itself, even if you forget to do it and allows the user to approve the entry of other people remotely. This lock also warns you when you need to replace its batteries.

iRobot Roomba 

This appliance came to do what most people hate: to vacuum the house! It is very simple to use: just turn it on and the appliance itself will start the cleaning process, adapting to the ideal height for cleaning even thicker carpets. It also has sensors that make the device focus on the dirtiest areas, cleaning around and under the objects and has an application available to schedule the cleaning time.

Night Air Mattress

This bed will revolutionize your sleep.  This is because it offers adjustable mattress firmness and monitors every detail of your sleep, from breathing to movement patterns. From this data, it recommends habits to improve the user's night. It also has stability so that if another person moves, you do not feel it and has several strategic points scattered throughout the bed so you can adjust it to the perfect position for you.


This device is undoubtedly very useful because it monitors the humidity inside the house, also if the temperature is good so as not to damage the structure of the house, wiring or plumbing water. When it detects an unusual situation, it will send you an alert to solve the problem and you will receive the message from wherever you are.

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