Wireless Cell Phone Charger

Is it worth buying one?

Wireless Cell Phone Charger

Is it worth buying one?

This technology, still little known, has proved to be very useful to supply this market as popular as Cell Phones and their accessories.

If you are still unsure whether or not to purchase a wireless Cell Phone Charger , this post is for you!

How does magic happen?

To begin, your cell phone needs to be compliant with the IQ standard for the Wireless Cell Phone Charger to work.

Through induction, the charger converts the electrical energy into a magnetic field, carrying the energy to the cell phone.

Just place it on the small charger base and wait.

And if you have any concerns about the possibility of being shocked when touching the device, don't worry!

It is designed to be handled without the risk of electric shock.

Another advantage is that you can charge other devices such as a Smartwatch or headphones.

After all, does it even work wirelessly?

When we say that the charger is wireless, it means that you do not need to connect a cable to your cell phone to charge it.

However, the charger base is plugged into the socket before placing your phone on the base.

A very important tip is to check the output power, which directly influences the time your cell phone will be recharged.

The higher the power (which can vary between 7.5W and 10W), the faster it will be recharged.

So, if you never know where your cell phone charger is, if this traditional charger often goes bad or if you prefer a more "clean" look for your home, with no exposed wires, the Wireless Cell Phone Charger is the right option for you!

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