Did you know that there are different types of showers?

Find out which one is best for your home!

Did you know that there are different types of showers?

Find out which one is best for your home!

We know that for many people, a hot bath can be therapeutic!

But only when we have a quality electric shower.

And speaking of electric showers...

Without the need for solar or gas heaters, just connect the device to the home electrical network for it to work properly.

To install it, you don't need any professional help, as it is very simple and easy to install.

Ordinary electric shower, hybrid, pressurized or electronic?

The common electric shower is most people's main choice for warm, relaxing baths.

To heat water, this type of shower has an electrical resistance, which is nothing more than a piece of metal, which when receiving energy, becomes hot, increasing the temperature of the water as soon as it comes into contact with it.

This device was chosen as the most practical, compared to showers, precisely because it has its own heating, unlike showers that need specific water heating such as solar, gas or electric.

Electric showers can also have their temperature preset, by means of temperature regulation that provides a constant water heat level exactly as chosen.

And despite representing an important part of the electricity bill, electric showers use a smaller amount of water in the process of heating it.

electronic shower

The first advantage is the extender rod that precisely regulates the water temperature, unlike the traditional model, which has pre-set temperatures.

There are also models of electronic showers with remote control and digital system, which can gradually select the water temperature.

In other words, you can choose your bath temperature more objectively and easier.

This long shank is a compliment, especially for people of short stature, being one of the best-selling models.

hybrid shower

The hybrid shower is made up of two energy sources (solar and electric).

Ensuring great savings in energy consumption, as it uses solar energy to heat water.

This type of appliance works as follows: when the shower is turned on, the water is heated to the ideal temperature by means of a resistance.

However, its heating is conserved with the help of the solar heater, which no longer depends on electricity to guarantee hot water.

Energy savings can reach up to 40% and the water flow of this model is also very efficient, with about 3 liters of water per minute.

However, to take advantage of this type of technology, it is necessary to install solar energy collector plates and a water reservoir that is suitable for the structure of your home.

Pressurized electric shower

Known for its high performance, the pressurized shower is capable of providing water jets with a lot of volume and power.

And this happens thanks to the pressurizer, which is a small part, with an electropump that pumps the water tank, improving its performance, without consuming much electricity.

Dubbed as "turbo shower", the pressurized electric shower is recommended for homes that suffer from low pressure or water flow.

These models have four types of temperature and also come with an extended stem for changing the temperature.

Attention to the details!

Information such as shower voltage, as well as its power, water flow, energy rating and types of installation, will ensure a correct and frustration-free choice when taking your beloved shower.

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