Bet on a good fan to refresh your whole family

Check out this list of the 4 quietest and most efficient fans

Bet on a good fan to refresh your whole family

Check out this list of the 4 quietest and most efficient fans

There are many different types of fans on the market, but not all of them suit your needs.

Wall fans are useful for any home space, be it a bedroom or a kitchen.

As it is a widely used item by the whole family, it is important that it is well chosen and kept clean.

Anyone who is already tired of the high temperatures in summer will understand how important it is to have a fan at home.

After all, it is a versatile appliance, with good mobility and more accessible than an air conditioner, for example.

Especially during festive seasons, families tend to get together and, everyone knows, being in a warm environment can spoil any kind of celebration.

Discover some tips for you to have the best fan in the house!

The first step in finding a fan is to decide what type of fan you want: table, ceiling or column?

Desktop fans are smaller and easier to move, while column fans can be strategically placed even though they are larger.

Ceiling fans are large and fixed, very common in less busy rooms such as bedrooms.

Find the ideal fan for your home and family in this list:

Arno Eole Infinite

The Arno Eole Infinite fan is one of the best in the compact category.

It is small but very efficient and with very low noise.

It takes up little space and therefore is ideal for smaller environments that require a smaller fan, in addition to being able to be moved anywhere.

It also comes with incline adjustment and 3 speeds.

Mallory Air Timer TS+

Keep up with the latest Mallory releases with the Mallory Air Timer TS+ model and discover why it is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality product.

The highlight of this fan is its super practical functionality, making life easier for people who need more convenience and with the ease of a remote control, which can be used to regulate its power, turn the fan on or off or even program it to do this within 7 hours.

Mondial Maxi Air Control VTE-04

The Mondial Maxi Air Control VTE-04 ceiling fan is very powerful, with 140W, in addition to having an elegant and beautiful design.

With a luminaire for two 40W lamps, the environment is well lit and with the freshness of this amazing fan.

Turn the device on and off using its remote control, with up to 3 speeds and programming of up to 8 hours to turn the lights on or off, in addition to other important functions.

Oster Super Breeze Fan 40cm 6 Blades

The Oster Super Breeze fan has its grilles projected forward, creating the Max Cool effect, with a powerful wind area in all directions.

It can also be used as a table or wall fan, completely cooling the room.

More fresh air for you with its 6-blade propeller.

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