5 books to learn about loneliness

Listen to what loneliness has to say

5 books to learn about loneliness

Listen to what loneliness has to say

Loneliness is a theme that is much discussed and explored in song lyrics, films and books.

Always displayed according to the look of its author and the type of feelings it arises.

What for many may be the definition of sadness and anguish, for others loneliness can be a door to a fresh start and a different way of looking at and enjoying life.

Therefore, if you want to better understand loneliness from the point of view of renowned authors, these books can help you in that connection with that understanding. Check out:

Leandro Karnal - The Porcupine Dilemma

With great philosophers as references, the Bible, historical facts and even novels, Karnal leads us to reflect on the nature of living alone, whether accompanied or not, for a short or long time.

How it is represented in art and how it can lead to growth and maturity.

The Porcupine Dilemma - How to face Leandro Karnal's loneliness is an inspiring and deeply reflective book.

Stephanie Rosenbloom - The pleasures of solitude: Four cities, four seasons and a lone traveler

Stephanie Rosenbloom's pleasures of solitude are filled with stories with wisdom and passion about the pleasurable discoveries of traveling alone.

Free from the discomfort of the idea of being alone, this book shows how taking the time to dedicate yourself can be a great chance that life is offering you to experience new things, appreciate new airs and new experiences in all aspects when traveling unaccompanied. .

Receive reports of a trip rich in details, surprises and be surprised to learn that you can, yes, have your own adventure alone.

Anthony Storr - Loneliness: The Connection with the Self

Anthony Storr makes a psychoanalytic analysis of important people in history who have never married and still have happy and fulfilling lives.

The author's idea is not to condemn the marriage, but to lead the reader to let go of the idea that one must always be with someone to be happy.

In his book Solitude - The connection with the Self, Storr encourages to recognize in human activities such as leisure, art and work, happiness individually.

Another aspect defended by him is that when we are alone, we strengthen our psychological so as not to depend on or place on the shoulders of the other the responsibility of bringing us happiness.

Sara Maitland - How to be alone

Sara Maitland shares strategies for recognizing herself as her own company, free from anxiety and the fear of loneliness.

In How to Be Alone by Sara Maitland, you will have the opportunity to learn how to value the autonomy of being alone in a rewarding way.

Francesc Torralba - The art of being alone

The art of being alone by the philosopher Francesc Torralba argues that loneliness is an experience felt in the soul and that, therefore, we can find the opportunity to evaluate, design and manage everything that concerns our future and the people with whom we have a connection.

That existential reflection to ponder what and who is essential to our lives and what we can do about it.

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