7 modern kitchen utensils you need to have

Kitchen life has never been easier than it is now!

7 modern kitchen utensils you need to have

Kitchen life has never been easier than it is now!

From time to time, some new features are released and make us think about how we have been able to live without them until now.

Especially, when these news promises a great help so that our routine is easier and more enjoyable every day.

If you've forgotten to take a meat out of the freezer, wasted a lot of time slicing food or even stopped eating your favorite cookie because it was wilted in the cupboard, these kitchen news will make you jump for joy and feel the urge to have each one of them! Check out:

Fish Scale Grater

Having a fish scale grater is a guarantee that you will scrape the scales without dirt, as they are housed inside a compartment.

No scales flying all over the house! This utensil facilitates this task so stressful that it is to peel fish, and its washing is quite easy, in addition to having a handle to hang it in an organized way.

Fast Food And Food Magic Defrosting Board

This board is a pleasant surprise!

Just place the frozen food on the board and watch the magic happen!

What's more, the quick-defrost magic board doesn't need a battery or battery, defrosting food up to 9 times faster than leaving it at room temperature to defrost.

All thanks to a thermal conductor and very high quality material for a quick defrosting process.

Mini packaging sealer

In just 3 seconds you can seal any type of plastic packaging with the mini packaging sealer.

Keep the freshness and crispness of the food, sealing it correctly and efficiently.

With a compact design, this mini packaging sealer can be stored, taking up a small space.

Meat cutting board with drawers

Practicality is the hallmark of this meat board with drawers!

Save more time and agility by slicing different foods and storing them in the drawers of this charming board.

And if you prefer to use it to slice the meat from the barbecue, another option is to use the drawers to place different sauces.

Have a beautiful, versatile and long-lasting utensil at your disposal.

Pineapple Slicer

Peel, slice or remove the pineapple core, without having the slightest trouble!

Very practical, this pineapple slicer offers a perfect and precise cut to decorate desserts or dishes of your choice.

Made of spiral stainless steel, easy to wash and practical, it is the perfect combination to taste your favorite fruit.

Manual food mixer

Have a kitchen utensil in hand that will change the way you cook!

Chop or grind, garlic, onion, vegetables and leaves in general, with these 3 powerful stainless steel blades from the manual food mixer.

All with great speed and agility.

Scale spoon

And finally, this marvel for people who like to cook with precise measurements.

With a modern and resistant design, this scale spoon will help you prepare your best recipes with the guarantee of the right measures to rock the kitchen!

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