Water Aerobics - Why we love this idea!

Work out and enjoy this relaxing atmosphere!

Water Aerobics - Why we love this idea!

Work out and enjoy this relaxing atmosphere!

We humans love water! And that is why exercising in the water brings a very different feeling from any other activity: it is a fun, efficient and therapeutic activity. Besides the various benefits for our health as the development of strength and resistance of the muscles and main organs, among them the heart. Get to know the main advantages of exercising in the water!

Strengthen your muscles

The fact that the water flows in various directions causes the resistance of a pool, for example, to vary up to 42 times greater than the air, promoting a heavier training for the muscles of the body. When it practiced regularly, this sport can  bring important benefits in flexibility, strength and agility.

Develop resistance

The biggest advantage of exercising in the water is that you don't fight gravity, as it is done in exercises with traditional weights. You push your body through the water, having the feeling that the exercise is lighter, but instead you are developing a greater resistance in your body.

Low impact on joints

Many exercises practiced out of the water, if they are not done correctly, can damage the joints. On the other hand,  in the water we do not have this problem because the water blocks gravity. By floating in the water, we take away the traditional impact that exercises on land would have, which is a great advantage for those who suffer from arthritis or any other problem that prevents them from exercising more vigorously.

No more stress and anxiety

Water is naturally soothing and relaxing. How many times have you felt better after a bath or swimming in the sea or pool? So exercising in the water brings benefits to your body and mind. Another benefit is that when it is hot, the exercises will be refreshing and when it is cold, relaxing, since most pools have heaters, and hot water is an ally in fighting anxiety and stress.


Bye-bye calories

By combining cardiovascular exercise with the resistance that water provides, you will ensure a complete workout for your body. You can practice these exercises with weights or dumbbells, making your body burn up to 500 calories in one hour of exercises. The resistance of the water will make you burn calories and make your blood flow circulate better. Great news for your heart, which will be more productive, but with less stress.

A democratic sport

Exercising in the water is a very democratic activity because it is accessible to all ages, from babies to the elderly. So decide today to take better care of your body and mind with this wonderful modality!

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