Some enough reasons why you should start watching Outlander

You're gonna fall in love with this series!

Some enough reasons why you should start watching Outlander

You're gonna fall in love with this series!

The first thing that stands out in this well thought out series is the ability to mix history (which is not a so loved subject  by students), romance, drama, action, breathtaking scenarios and impeccable performances by its protagonists and supporting actors. Outlander has been produced by Starz and has the first 4 seasons available on Netflix. 

How come you never wanted to travel through time?

This is the premise of the series, which is based on the books of Diana Gabaldon, with Claire Beauchamp Randall (the actress Caitriona Balfe) as the protagonist. She lives in 1945 and, while walking with her husband through Scotland, Claire presences an ancient and powerful rite that takes her back to the year 1743.This makes her very confused and lost, trying to understand what happened and surviving the most dangerous and tense situations, especially for a woman at that time. All this with a lot of romance, drama and action. And what to say about the memorable soundtrack...Outlander's soundtrack incorporates important elements such as the historical, engaging and seductive atmosphere the series has to capture the attention of its audience.

 Dazzlingly beautiful cast...

Take a breath! You'll need it! And don't be surprised if you fall in love with the protagonists. There's no escape, they're absurdly beautiful and captivating. Caitriona, with his unique and drawn beauty and Sam Heughan, (James Frazer), a beautiful blue-eyed Scottish man, with his passionate accent and his sculptural body. 

And speaking of him...

The protagonist, James Fraser (beautifully played by Sam Heughan), is a Scottish who lives in 1743 in the Highlands of Scotland, fighting the tyranny of his settlers, England. Sam is such a great actor that has the power to make you laugh, cry and desire to be there with him. We also have to mention the chemistry among the protagonists which is impressive! You believe, suffer and cheer for this love that has exceeded the limits of time. Those who have already had the opportunity to read the books, praise the loyalty and authenticity of the protagonists, James and Claire. 

We love you, Scotland!

When you talk about Europe, people put at the top of their lists, England, France, Spain... But once you start watching the series, you'll be dying to meet... Scotland. The locations are impressive! You see castles, beautiful fields and rivers. Scriptwriters are also concerned and faithful to historical facts that have occurred in that time in Scotland, captivating also those who love to know more about the world and historical facts. Even Claire is a very crucial character in that aspect. This is because she experiences the emotions of World War II and its end, and also has an important contribution to the Battle of Culloden, a crucial and important event in the plot of the series.

A villain worthy of public hate

If it's been a while since you've felt hate for a villain in a movie or series, you'll have that moment in Outlander. Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall, is a captain of the English army, played by the excellent actor Tobias Menzies, who has in his essence, a lot of evil and contempt for the human being. He mistreats, tortures and does unimaginable things in the series, which makes you wish this villain a slow and painful death. 

Outlander deserves your full attention and your heart!

Outlander has had its fifth season launched in the beginning of this year and keeps  getting more and more fans every day. So settle down on the couch, grab your favorite food and fall in love with Claire and Jamie's journey, filled with lots of surprises and flawless performances.

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