Meet Amazon Echo devices with Alexa

Learn the main advantages of each one!

Meet Amazon Echo devices with Alexa

Learn the main advantages of each one!

The line of Amazon Echo devices that integrate with Alexa, are: Echo Dot, Echo Studio, Echo, Echo Show 5, Echo Dot with clock and Echo Show 8 . Given so many options, it is worth checking the advantages and strengths of each one and deciding which model has more to do with you!

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Echo Dot

This model already starts with the advantage of having a great cost x benefit . Despite being small and light, it leaves nothing to be desired. Starting with its 4 long-range microphones, which allow you to give commands even from another room in the house . If you want, you can also pair the Echo Dot to other speakers, allowing you to expand the sound power.

Listen to your favorite songs, learn about the weather, and much more, just with the command of your voice. Order food, shop online and control the features of your home with Echo Dot, this compact, attractive and compatible device from Amazon.

Echo Studio

The name itself says it all! With excellent sound quality , this device stands out. Echo Studio has the ability to adjust your audio to the acoustics of your environment, that is, wherever you are, it will provide you with the best experience with high sound quality.

As it is integrated with Alexa, you will be able to know about your daily schedule, get information about traffic, listen to music and integrate it with the Smart Home system, allowing you to control your home equipment by voice command. Echo Studio is undoubtedly a great choice if you are looking for sound quality and a lot of functionality .

Echo 3rd Generation

With Dolby technology and a 360 ° speaker, Echo 3rd Generation has a lot to offer. You will notice the clarity with which the audio is presented , in addition to having all the applicabilities of the line of smart speakers from Amazon. Have all the facilities of Alexa in a very efficient device.

You can connect it to other speakers in different parts of the house, make your purchases online, control other devices in the house , listen to your favorite books and create your routine. It also comes with privacy protection, disconnecting the microphones when necessary.

Echo Show 5

The biggest highlight of this device is due to its touch sensitive screen. You will have all the sound quality that the Echo line can provide, as well as access to the visual part , with films, videos, series, games and more, with this interactive screen of 5.5 ″ and resolution 960 x 480 pixels.

With integrated Alexa, you can trigger all tasks and requests by voice command. Ask, ask and see how amazing this device is.

Echo Show 8

With an 8 "HD screen that is also interactive and Touch Screen , this device offers a clear image and comes with a 1MP camera, so you can watch your favorite series and movies, videos on Youtube, listen to music and follow your clips or your lyrics and make video calls.

Control the other devices in your home using only your voice. With it, it is also possible to check a home environment in real time, since it comes with a camera.

Remembering that Alexa has a multitude of skills that can be explored in your day to day, according to your needs.

So, which device did you like the most?

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