Learn to pair different types of wine with food

Feel your taste buds!

Learn to pair different types of wine with food

Feel your taste buds!

For the connoisseur of a good glass of wine, having some knowledge to harmonize wine with food increases the satisfaction of savoring a meal with an explosion of flavors on the palate.

However, mastering this harmonization is not such a simple process.

There are even specialized courses for this area.

However, once you understand some basic rules, you can experience the power that pairing wine with food can have.

Briefly, the first pairing concept is: heavier food goes with a fuller-bodied wine, lighter food goes with a smoother wine.

So, even if you don't have a handle on this subject, check out these valuable tips:

For starters, know that sparkling wines are wines with more acidity, red wines are stronger, while white wines are lighter and without forgetting the rosé that offers a pleasant refreshing.

Starting with the fullest type

Yes, we are talking about red wine!

In general, red wine can be considered strong, but you will find slightly lighter versions, such as Gamay and Pinot Noir that go very well with quail, turkey or chicken, as well as risottos and pastas that use lighter cheeses. and lean fish.

With a little more strength in the flavor, we have Merlot and Carmenérè that harmonize with roasted meat, game meat and dark meat fish.

On top of the fuller ones we have Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tannat which are incredibly tasty accompanied by meats such as pork and beef ribs, rump cover and pizzas with sausages such as pepperoni or pepperoni.

The lightness of white wine

Sushi, seafood and raw vegetables are even more appetizing if accompanied by a good white wine.

For more creamy dishes and sauces with different types of cheese, choose Chardonnay.

Sauvignon Blanc is excellent for aromatic flavors like a pesto sauce.

And to finish off this list of white wines, we have Pinot Grigio, Verdejo and Vinho Verde which, with a very present acidity, go perfectly with sea and general fried foods.

The versatility of rosé wine

Chances are slim to make a mistake with the rosé wine!

This is due to the fact that this delicious wine has the power to harmonize with a variety of dishes.

If the rosé wine has a lighter color, you will feel its lightness and freshness that goes well with sweet and sour salads, octopus carpaccio, white fish ceviche, among others.

The darker tones are able to face dishes with more full-bodied flavors.

Rosé wine, when more acidic, is great for alleviating the taste of fried foods and fats such as feijoada, roasted poultry and cooked meats.

Cool off with the sparkling wine

Discover the wine that is a friend of sweetness.

Demi sec or brut sparkling wines further enhance the sugar in desserts, with the exception of chocolate, which should be savored with a sweetened wine such as port.

On the other hand, sparkling wines are also wonderful with cheese boards we call blue cheeses (roquefort and gorgonzola).

Seafood, poultry and fish are also part of the list of combinations with sparkling wines.

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