Learn to bring more lighting into your home

After all, a bright house makes all the difference!

Learn to bring more lighting into your home

After all, a bright house makes all the difference!

We know that a house with good lighting brings an elegant air, as well as a lot of lightness and warmth.

And reaching this result can be much easier with the tips that I separated in this post.

Each room deserves special attention, with different needs, and it doesn't matter if you live in an apartment, a house in the city or in the countryside, having good lighting can make your home even more irresistible and even increase your productivity and mood. Check out:

Living room

This room of the house is where its residents usually spend most of their time, whether watching a movie or having a good chat.

Therefore, everything that involves this environment must be thought of with great care and care.

When it comes to good lighting, it's not just fixtures or lamps.

The wall colors influence the final result a lot. Too many warm colors, for example, can leave the environment dark and too charged.

Windows, glass and French doors can help bring in more natural light.

In the electrical part, many people have opted for crown molding, which is nothing more than cut plaster, bringing more uniform lighting with the elegance that this type of plaster cut can add.

Indirect and controlled lighting (lamps, lamps, spot lights) can add more beauty to this very special environment.


Another environment that can be favored by natural lighting, with well located windows that bring more freshness and great lighting.

However, with artificial lighting, you should bet on strategic lighting points such as fixing spots inside the cabinets, LED light strips, luminaires positioned in the center of the kitchen or on the countertops.

Much more practicality and lightness when we have a well-lit kitchen.


There is an important point to be made: the type of color you want for your bedroom lamps.

We have hot and cold lighting.

In cold lighting, the effect is one of attention and alertness, while in warm lighting, the room is more cozy and relaxing.

Once you've decided what type of lighting you want, you can get a little bold with the placement of artificial lights, with pendant lamps beside the bed, LED strip lights on the back of the headboard, spotlights on the ceiling, and more.

Just choose the highlight point and distribute the rest in "small doses" of lighting around the room.


The same concept goes for the bathroom, in terms of choosing a focal point for lighting.

Many choose to put sconces, for bringing this modern and beautiful touch to the environment.

Others also bet on the strip of led lights positioned behind the mirror, which is very functional and decorative.

Circulation points and entrance hall

These places end up being forgotten as they are points that people tend to pass quickly, such as hallways and lobby.

Although they are not the favorite places in the house, they are the ones that welcome people, either on arrival or to move from one room to another.

So it's worth investing in them.

Small spots or a light fixture with a few spots for light bulbs can give you the charm you're looking for.

To save money, you can use led lamps which are classified in the most economical category.

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