Have you thought about putting Poland on your travel itinerary?

Beautiful architecture, centuries of history and breathtaking scenery!

Have you thought about putting Poland on your travel itinerary?

Beautiful architecture, centuries of history and breathtaking scenery!

Poland, located in Central Europe, has attracted attention because it is a safe destination, rich culturally and historically, as well as being more accessible (its currency is the zloty, not the euro) and with varied activities to do, as well as different natural beauties. .

The official language is Polish, and the Polish people are highly praised for their hospitality and friendliness, making the destination of travelers even more pleasant.

Few people in the world are able to combine cuisine, history and culture as well as Poles.

So it is worth checking out what is so special about Poland! Come on?


Zacopane is a beautiful city, with charming wooden chalets, for those who enjoy moments in the middle of nature.

Its location is impressive, as it is in the magnificent Tatra Mountains, perfect place to practice winter sports like snowboarding or skiing.

In the hottest seasons, you can go hiking, climbing, camping and observe nature.

One of the highlights goes to Moeskie Oko, a splendid mountain lake, which is a glimpse for the eyes.


Kraków is recognized as the capital of culture in the country.

With its super preserved historic center, it is very pleasant to get lost in the small streets and explore every detail of this interesting city.

Upon arrival at Stare Miasto, explore sights such as St. Mary's Basilica, St. Florian's Gate, Barbican, City Hall Tower, Wawel Castle and Main Market Square ( Rynek Glówny).

And to connect with nature, visit the Ojców National Park. Marvel at its limestone cliffs and medieval castle in Pieskowa Skala, a prime example of Polish Renaissance architecture.

Finally, visit the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum, which is a unique moment to reflect and learn a little more about the tragedy experienced there.


With super friendly and friendly inhabitants, Gdansk boasts more than 100 years of history, beautiful beaches, museums and its delicious cuisine.

Throughout the city you can witness breathtaking monuments and architecture, a beautiful gift for architecture lovers.

One of the favorite places is the Długie Pobrzeże (long boardwalk), with its shops and ateliers, as well as great restaurants.

Very close to Gdasnk is Sopot, a spa, great for those who love having fun.


Warsaw is the beautiful capital of Poland, colorful, very clean and full of history.

Declared a Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, its historic center impresses with the wealth of details and information.

Venture through the Old Town, which was built around the 14th century, see the monument to Sigismund II Vasa and the Royal Castle, the Churches St John, St Anna and Santa Cruz, as well as the Market Square.

There are also some important museums that keep the memory of everything that this city and its inhabitants have ever experienced, such as the Warsaw Uprising and the Jewish Ghetto.


Lublin is another city that presents us with the contrast of the old and the present.

Full of magnificent, beautifully decorated churches, (Poland is a very Catholic country), there will be plenty of options to appreciate this specific religious architecture.

Lublin Castle, which is in the Old Town, is one of the most important buildings in Lublin, as well as being a castle from the medieval era, it houses a chapel and a museum inside.

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