Cool, warm and comfortable, the knitting trend is all in the street style! Some time ago, people saw these pieces as “grandma's clothes”, but after a lot of research, development and improvement in the weave, colors and cuts, knitting came back with everything.

Big brands such as Calvin Klein, Missoni and Céline have already developed amazing collections — all made in knitting. When the yarns are made from viscose or rayon, being very light materials, the pieces become cooler and can be used quietly on cloudy days or what we call mid-season - which is the transition from spring-summer to autumn- winter. But knitting has become the real darling of the past year, given the quarantine the entire world has lived through. As everyone stayed indoors, the search for versatile and comfortable options increased considerably, and that's when knitting really gained a foothold in the wardrobes.

These days it's hard to find someone who doesn't have a little knitting to call their own. I'll tell you some of the advantages of this piece for you who have not yet surrendered to this trend.
Super versatile: knitting can be put to good use on many occasions. In the home office, that lunch with friends, that car trip, or for a more relaxed dinner with the family.
Eternal: think of a trend that is timeless! Year and year, knitting is always in the wardrobe. Furthermore, when made with quality raw material, it is a piece that will last a long time!
There's something for everyone: 3 seconds of Google and you'll find options for grandmas and for generation Z.
Still not convinced? So stay here with me and I'll show you how knitting can become your best friend this season in a very fashion way.

Bet on different plots.

If you choose a piece with a more open weave, it goes very well with a dress shirt underneath. - So you're ready to rock the home office look.
If the knitting is more closed and the knitting is heavier, you can use it alone and make a more laid-back look and look like winter.

Different cuts.

From the over-size cardigan to the short twin-set, you can play without fear. Each of these proposals and cuts communicate something different to your look. When you want a more laid-back look but still look like a fashionista, go for a cardigan that's no mistake.

Now, if the idea is to do a mid-season look, for the day, a light twin-set can be your greatest ally.

If you like the coolest look, you can guarantee your vest, to wear with overlay or alone, the vest is by far the coolest piece this winter, it came straight from grandpa's closet to the wardrobe of the most fashion bloggers. And it's very easy to combine.

dare in colors

Neutral colors are always the most democratic They match any production, especially with jeans pieces. Knitting in shades of nude, grey, white and black is for all the time, never miss!

Now if you're on the team that LOVES a colorful look, calm down, there's knitting for you too. The vibrant colors are still on the rise this winter and there is no lack of color options for you to choose if you want a cooler look.

If you have a party, a happy hour or some event, invest in a piece of knitting with a glamorous air, as is the case with pieces with shiny yarns, embroidery or applications in gemstones.

So, have you surrendered to this trend? And tell us here which knitting is your favorite...

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