Tips to keep your home clean and organized

See how this cleanliness and organization can reflect positively in your life!

Tips to keep your home clean and organized

See how this cleanliness and organization can reflect positively in your life!

You may be the most peaceful person in the world, but at some point the mess and dirt of your home will stress you out. Spending more time at home has its challenges, especially when your goal is to be a good professional and take good care of your home.

Therefore, we have selected some precious tips to help you make your home your favorite place.

Before everything...

How about making that special Playlist to cheer you up and inspire you to organize your home? It sounds like a silly tip, but for most people, the task of organizing and cleaning the house can be a pain. Listening to music causes your brain to release the famous "dopamine" , a substance responsible for bringing us a feeling of happiness and fullness. Learn more about the positive power of music here .

When you are emotionally well, this is reflected in everything you will do in your home. You know that urge to put a vase of flowers on the counter that you just cleaned and organized? This is pure dopamine!

Let's start with the busiest room in the house: the kitchen!

This home room is the most versatile, as you can cook, chat and even work. And to keep it organized, you must first know how to deal with dirty dishes. The orientation is to have the habit of washing right after getting dirty . But if you haven't had time to wash the dishes, you can soak them with water and detergent to make it easier when you wash them.

Also have the habit of separating a glass just to drink water during the day. Did dirt fall on the floor or splash on the wall? Always have multipurpose cloths near you to clean the moment it gets dirty.

Set alternate days to do tasks that cannot be postponed

An example of this is when you need to wash the bathroom. You can wash it on Monday (to start the week with the bathroom clean) and on Friday (not to worry about this type of cleaning and enjoy the weekend).

The secret is in organizing your tasks for specific days and not accumulating them in a day or two, because it can easily overwhelm you and still run the risk of not being able to do everything.

Don't make difficult choices

When we are at home, all we want to do is relax, marathon our favorite series or read that book we love so much. So, if you put yourself in the situation where you have to choose between fun and obligation, you are likely to be beaten by fun.

Therefore, the ideal is to know how to maintain the balance between having fun and doing your household chores . The suggestion is to put the clothes in the washing machine, and while you wait, you can watch 1 or more episodes of your favorite series or read your book. So the day goes by much faster and in a pleasant way.

Freeze vegetables

Something that spoils very quickly is vegetable. Thinking about it, it is important to know how to freeze and store them so that you can maintain a healthy diet , with great practicality. The guideline is that after washing them properly, you should put them in boiling water for 2 minutes and then in cold water.

This process helps to maintain the nutrients in vegetables and prolong their life span. After this process, you can store them in a glass container or in a plastic freezer container. And to finish in the organization, put labels with the name of the vegetables and the date when they were frozen. There are vegetables that can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Cleaning Products - Your Best Friends

Thanks to innovative research and technology, it is possible to obtain specific cleaning products that, in addition to cleaning very well, do not harm the skin and still leave the whole house scented. So don't skimp on buying them as they will make cleaning easier, reducing the time and energy you need to keep your home clean and organized.

Abuse of organizing boxes

Today we can find a variety of organizing boxes, with different sizes, textures and colors. These types of boxes help to organize and decorate any environment, leaving the home more cozy and with a modern touch.

You can put them in any room in the house and the good thing about having everything organized, is not wasting our precious time looking for things that we didn't organize previously.

Know how to deal with unforeseen circumstances

The whole idea of organization, however wonderful, faces its unforeseen circumstances . For this reason, it is necessary to know how to deal with them so as not to be frustrated or give up on the idea. Do your best, embrace the idea of keeping your home organized, but know that you will have some days when everything will happen perfectly, while on others, it will not be possible.

The important thing is to understand that organization is always beneficial and it is something that we can strive to enjoy its benefits.

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