They are back.



They are back.

Look who's back… Herself: The sneaker
The sneaker was born around the 50s, because women wanted to take the comfort of ballet classes to their daily lives. After that, the shoe gained a lot of space on the feet of the famous, in costumes and in big brands. And that's why it never left the market, but never as a strong trend. It was only now in the midst of the pandemic that this classic shoe started to be considered a hit.

In addition to obvious reasons such as the versatility to compose different looks for different occasions, we cannot deny that the pandemic and the home office helped bring this shoe back to the top of trends. The fact that we are at home in a comfortable way, but still attentive to the aesthetics and avoiding heels, made many women look for sneakers. With this in mind, we brought three ways to join this trend:

Betting on a shoe that brings a point of color to the look is a trick we love! Also, if you manage to coordinate the shoe color with some other color in the look you have the perfect match!

The bicolor sneakers were created by Chanel and this fact alone is enough for this element to bring a lot of sophistication to your look. And it's up to you to enhance the look with more fashionista pieces.

It goes year and year and we only have one certainty in life. Animal print never goes out of style. It might even go dormant, but go out of style? No. The jaguar print itself is responsible for bringing a sexier and more fashionista look to the look.

Tell me… will you surrender to this fashion comeback?

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