Hanging chandeliers

That elegant and charming highlight for your home!

Hanging chandeliers

That elegant and charming highlight for your home!

Whether to decorate or to light, the pendant chandelier can be very important to make any environment harmonious, elegant and charming.

No matter what style of decor your home has, it can be modern, rustic, minimalist, classic or romantic.

There is an ideal pendant lamp to make your home even more welcoming and sophisticated.

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Modern Lighting

Modern pendant chandeliers have as their main feature the use of colors and different materials, in addition to having misaligned shapes to give that modern touch to the environment.

Rustic lighting

The rustic lighting is based on highlighting rustic elements such as ropes, straw and wood.

It tends to be simpler so that these elements can shine in the decoration of an environment, with its rustic pendant chandeliers.

Minimalist lighting

Minimalist lighting follows the "less is more" line, which also applies to minimalist pendant chandeliers.

They are usually based and geometric shapes, with straighter lines and more discreet lighting.

Classical Lighting

The classic never goes out of style, does it?

Full of elegance and charm, classic pendant chandeliers are usually made of crystals and glass, leaving any environment very charming.

Romantic lighting

Do you want to bring more romanticism to any environment? Then bet on romantic pendant chandeliers.

Chandeliers with butterflies or leaf shapes bring a little bit of nature to your home, with more coziness, freshness and romanticism.

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